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Sharepoint products configuration wizard “cannot connect to master sql server”

I am installing SharePoint 2013

I run the prerequisites executable and confirmed everything installed successfully.

I then ran the setup.exe and installed to a different (not the system) drive which also completed without errors

but I got this error when at the step to create the DB:

“cannot connect to master sql server at “

I made sure windows firewall was off.

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Mandatory and non mandatory attributes for products

I am trying to come up with a simple way of implementing the following design, but I always end up with something overly complicated.

I am trying to design a database where companies can store products. Each product belongs to exactly one category, and depending on the category, they share some common attributes that I want to be mandatory. They can also have different attributes that are up to the company to define.

As of now, and based on this question I asked last year, my idea is to have the following:

  • Company table to store everything related to the company (one company can have several products)
  • Product table to store everything related to the product (one product can be in one category, and can have several features)
  • Category table just to save the name of the category
  • Attribute table attributes that can be defined by the company for that product
  • Product Feature table joint table

With these tables, companies will be able to add their products to a category and add as many attributes as they want.

Now, dependant on the category, I want to make mandatory to define a set of attributes. For example, if we are talking about groceries, and a category would be ‘Fruits’, I might want the company to always provide the following attributes: color, country of origin. If instead of fruits, the category is ‘Cereals’ I might want to be always provided with the following: allergens, expire date

I have thought of two different solutions, which are:

  • Create a new table for each category that needs these mandatory attributes. This, of course, will be a problem as if a new mandatory attribute is added to an existing category, all previous ones will have no value. Also, every time I add a new category I should define a new table for the attributes.
  • The other option I have thought of is to simply manage this in the frontend of the application. Once a company adds a product belonging to one of those categories, prompt them to input the mandatory attributes and simply save them as a ‘normal’ attribute.

I am more inclined towards using the second solution. Using the first one I could end up with a ddbb with dozens of tables, but I would like some input to see if anyone can come up with a better solution.

Measuring the Union of Products of Intervals

Verbose Motivation for this Question

Inspired by this paper about how the problem of counting unlabelled subtrees that are unique up to isomorphism is #P-complete, I was thinking about the problem for the specific case of caterpillar graphs. (a caterpillar graph, $ C$ , will become a path graph, $ P(C)$ , by removing all their leaves) This lead me to an interesting subproblem, where, given an array $ [l_0,l_1 \dots l_d]$ you need to compute:

$ $ \sum_{i=0}^d \int \bigcup_{k=0}^{d-i} \prod_{j=k}^{k+i} [0,l_j]$ $

Here, we are taking a Lebesgue unit measure of a union of $ (i+1)$ -dimensional intervals. (for each cartesian product, the length of 1st dimension is $ [0,l_k]$ , and the $ m$ th dimension is $ [0,l_{j+m}]$ ) This monstrous equation arises due to the partial-order of possible sub-trees which include exactly $ (i+1)$ vertices of $ P(C)$ . (in the actual problem, it’s a little complicated, because you have to account for over-counting due to symmetry that occurs from reversing the order of your array, but for now I’ll just concern myself with the cleaner subproblem)

My actual questions

I’m curious about computing the Lebesgue unit measure of the union of $ n$ $ i$ -dimensional intervals which are each defined by a list of $ i$ 2-tuples which are represent a cartesian product along orthogonal axes.

  1. What’s the complexity of measuring the union of $ n$ $ i$ -dimensional intervals?
  2. Are there significant improvements in the case were intervals have some obvious partial-order? (ex: each interval is a subset of $ [0, +\infty]^i$ , and have a corner at $ [0]^i$ )
  3. Similarly, are there note-worthy improvements if we restrict ourselves to intervals whose corners all belong to $ \mathbb{Z}^i$ ?

Upon further consideration, I feel like the answer to this question might be quite useful for my second question. However, I am still unclear exactly what’s the best way to calculate measure once we’ve identified the relevant intervals, and if the $ O(nlog(n))$ sorting generalizes to higher dimensions.

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