Digital Products Web Store

Why are you selling this site?
As a webdeveloper i setup and develop custom sites, i set this up for interested clients who would like to use it to build their own online store

How is it monetized?
Via selling products on the websites the ones of your choice

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Not currently, but i can setup the required accounts for you

How much time does this site take to run?
It should be as much as you want, from 30 minutes…

Digital Products Web Store

pick up day for woocommerce products with email notification

I searched the web for a kind of plugin or code that suits our need. We have a local food store and we want to sell products with an online shop.

The ordered products can be picked up in the local store then. So we have products which are ready for pick up a week after the customer ordered, but also have products which are ready for pick up 2,3 or 4 weeks after the order.

I want to notify the customer one day before he can pick up his order via Email!

Does anyone know a plugin or how can i achieve this instead?

[ Politics ] Open Question : If the USA had its own unlimited oil supply and made all its own products would the coronavirus pandemic not have happened?

China and oil sheiks are able to manipulate the USA because of the USA’s extreme dependence on chinese factory workers and oil. I am saying that china is able to manipulate the USA with a fake pandemic. China depends on oil from the middle east so oil sheiks can manipulate the USA through china. The coronavirus pandemic is a hoax. 

The number of products displayed on the page clears all selected product filters – woocommerce

I have a problem on the Product archive, when I filter products and change the number of displayed products per page, all the set filters are reset.

I’ve noticed that both the filter and the number of products on the page also enter their attributes in the URL, and that’s probably the problem. Does anyone have any solution for this?

enter image description here

Filtered products:[pa_brand[]=25&ixwpst[pa_brand[]=28&title=1&excerpt=1&content=1&categories=1&attributes=1&tags=1&sku=1&ixwpsf[pa_brand][show]=all&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_brand][multiple]=1&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_brand][filter]=0&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_region][show]=all&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_region][multiple]=1&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_region][filter]=0&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_detail-type-1][show]=all&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_detail-type-1][multiple]=1&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_detail-type-1][filter]=0&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_detail-type-2][show]=all&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_detail-type-2][multiple]=1&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_detail-type-2][filter]=0

Displaying number of products on page: http://xxx.xx/product-category/spirits/?Products-per-page=48

Add specific products to cart when a button is pressed

Im making this website that is basically going to be just a 2 product page and a checkout, and due to its target audience, the idea is to have two images, 2 number boxes under them and just one button to add the products to the cart and then to redirect to the checkout page.

What i imagined is having a form, with a button, that would call a PHP function and would get the value from the number boxes and then programatically add the products to the cart (do i insert this function in functions.php ?). However after some reading i found that i may have to use AJAX to connect the HTML code to the PHP.

Do you have any suggestions? Is my way of thinking flawed?

Do “editions” of White Wolf products correspond?

White Wolf has published a variety of product lines. Each product line has multiple editions. Do the editions of various games line up intuitively?

For example, I have a smattering of books from both Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Wraith: The Oblivion. Both games have a first edition, second edition, and 20th anniversary edition (Werewolf additionally has a Revised edition that does not seem to correspond to anything in Wraith).

In other games with which I’m familiar the editions would line up nicely. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons there are Ravenloft books for 2nd edition D&D and 5th edition D&D. There are also Planescape books for 2nd edition. The Planescape 2e and Ravonloft 2e books are in some sense “related” because they refer to the same rule set.

Is this true for White Wolf products? I’m confused because the periods in which they are published don’t overlap. Werewolf 1e was published between 1992 – 1993, while Wraith 1e was published in 1994 – 1995. Second edition Werewolf started in 1994, but second edition Wraith started in 1996.

Creatin Products Database with Multiple Color Variations

I found this Q&A already, that describes my problem and a more or less satisfying answer: Create products with color variants Basically, I want to set up a database for products with different color variations. Here the solution is given of setting up a product-table, a color-table, and a product-color-table as a combination of both.

Unfortunately, most of my products are available in ~180 different colors and we have about 8000 different articles. Additionally, every product has at least one standard color (up to ~5 standard colors) out of the 180 colors in which the product is cheaper than in other colors.

Do I really have to set up a database as described before, which would lead to over 1 Mil articles, or is there another way? I thought of setting up a product-color-table in the sense, that there are 180 columns for each color and I just assign them values like “available, not-available, standard” or so. And then all the other information that don’t really affect the price of the products in yet another table.

But since I’m new to setting up databases I don’t really how I can realise it. Would that actually work? Can anyone give me any tips on how I can solve that and set up my tables?

Thanks in advance

PS: In case my description was confusing here is an example of an onlineshop I found that has the exact thing I want to do: When you tap on “Ciew colour range” you can see all the different colors. But then there are also other articles that are available in less colors or different standard-colors.

Load list of products from subcategory dynamically

I have a product page, where I want to list all of the products from a sub-category.

Category > Mtn > Series <- product page level.

Category > Mtn > Series > Model <- product sub category level.

          $  args = array(             'post_type' => 'product',              'posts_per_page' => 8,             'product_cat' => '**SubCategory goes here**',             'orderby'   => 'meta_value_num',             'meta_key'  => '_price',             'order' => 'asc'           );  $  loop = new WP_Query( $  args );             while ( $  loop->have_posts() ) : $  loop->the_post(); global $  product; ?>  show the producdts here.    <?php endwhile; ?>           <?php wp_reset_query(); ?> 

the code above works when I hard code the product_cat into the field,

How would I pass the subcategory of the current category into the product_cat field in the array dynamically for all products that fit in the same layout structure?