Top 3 best free antivirus programs


  • Scan on a schedule
  • Check files with any file extension or just the ones you manually choose from
  • Disable the ability to stop active scans (so that viruses can not stop the program from finding them)
  • Adjust the scanner's priority level
  • Scan master boot sectors
  • Follow symbolic links to scan the actual files
  • Search for rootkits before starting a…

Top 3 best free antivirus programs

Suggest good affiliate programs for Beginner

Hi Dpers, the title says it all, I am new to affiliate marketing and need your precious suggestions about best affiliate marketing programs, I know clickbank for selling ebooks. Please suggest something that can generate some hundred dollars a month. I am not over-expecting as I am just a beginner, however, I do not want to waste my efforts. :) Please help.


New affiliate programs have been added into Nifty Stats

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New affiliate programs have been added into Nifty Stats

who will be held liable for bitcoin programs errors

so there was the Value overflow incident in which nearly 200 billion bitcoins are created; while the problem was fixed promptly, it introduced a fork where people receiving money on the stale fork might suffer financial loss; but bitcoin is decentralized so who would be held liable for such loss? the software author? the bitcoin inventor? or nobody? do users get acknowledged before they start using bitcoin that such bugs may happen and must accept a liability disclaimer to use bitcoin?