Social Media Operation

◻ Instagram account closure 500 $

◻Getting ip address from instagram dm 20 $

◻WhatsApp account closure 20 $

◻Opening a WhatsApp closed account 20 $

◻watching are sent to your blog site 1k 1 $

◻ Blogger watch program 50 $ – Proxy – Referer – UserAgent – Url in

For Communication ;

Payment= Payeer & Bitcoin & PayPal

Social Networks for Promoting a Discord Server?

I have been slowly building an online community for professionals in the Creative Arts. Recently I have been racking my brain with ways to promote the group through social media. I have tried a few things such as Reddit, Discord List Sites (garbage results), and now I have social media accounts set up across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

I was curious to know if there are any other people here who have grown Discord Servers and know how to effectively market a group that is not for…

Social Networks for Promoting a Discord Server?

Nonviolent “social conflict” in Fate – which skills opposes rapport?

I’m running a campaign with a few nonviolent characters. I understand how to handle physical fights, but am a bit at a loss how to deal with "social conflict", where characters need to overcome some resistance from NPCs to achieve their goals.

As Provoke is intended to harm others, it doesn’t seem to be a good choice for nonviolent characters. Rapport seems to be a better fit for characters that try to convince the NPC to hand out that piece of information that was supposed to remain a secret. However, what would be the opposed skill? Empathy? And how would you make this into an interesting contest?

Looking for advice on repurposing artwork for multiple social media platforms

Hey guys. I recently took a freelance job as an in-house social media designer and we create new campaigns almost every second day.

I spend a lot of time repurposing campaign artwork for each social media platform. You know – one visual for Instagram, one for Snap, a CRM banner, Facebook, etc. I'm currently making them all separately and it takes so much time. I even need to work late to get them all done on time. I thought maybe someone knows a technique or approach how I could speed it…

Looking for advice on repurposing artwork for multiple social media platforms