Coding across the room while walking, possibly using AIDE, TeamViewer, Chromecast, or other mechanism

Why is it that only certain apps can Chromecast to a TV with a Chromecast device? I would like to open AIDE and cast my code onto the television so that I can code on my smartphone as I walk around the room and look at the code on the television. Is it possible to do this? Alternatively, I would like to cast my AIDE code to a laptop or tablet on my desk and let in the keys on my Android smartphone, using it as a keyboard, so that I can type as I walk.

Note, as I code I might only need to view the current line of code on my smartphone and look at the rest of the code on the TV, PC, or tablet, across the room, maybe even sitting down at my desk occasionally.

This way the smartphone is used mainly add an input keyboard for my other devices.

Is there a way to do this?


Technically, why is the out of focus area blurred more when using a bigger aperture?

I’m wondering, technically, why and how does the out of focus areas blur more when using a bigger aperture. I think it’d help a lot if I presented a problem that’s been driving me nuts for a long time:

I’ve read that the f-number of the human eye varies from about f/8.3 in very bright light to about f/2.1 in the dark. But from what I’ve tested, I always see out-of-focus areas with the same amount of blur.

Which leads me to ask: how does this aperture thing work, why does it create a blur from the technical point of view, and does it also apply to eyes, or is it just a “failure” in the camera lenses we’ve come to like and never wanted to “fix”?

Magento 2 add body class into as per current page using toolbar.php plugin for category and search results page

I have created plugin for toolbar.php \Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\ProductList\Toolbar

protected function _prepareLayout() {     $  this->pageConfig->getTitle()->set(__('Category Page'));     $  this->pageConfig->addBodyClass('class'. $  this->getCurrentPage() );          $  this->getLayout()->getBlock('page-title')->setPageTitle('Custom Title');      return parent::_prepareLayout(); } 

On product listing, need to add existing page number in body class.

Refactoring ASP.NET web forms app to MVP vs incrementally rebuilding it using MVC?

My team has inherited a Web Forms application that was built over the past decade or so into a monolithic code base with massive dependencies. In order to maintain this system we are going to have to get down and dirty with the code, begin breaking dependencies and implement proper TDD.

When I look online for guidance it seems that there are two options to move forward: try to refactor the web forms application to the MVP design pattern to allow for TDD, or to slowly migrate the application page by page to the MVC model (which would also allow for TDD).

Which method would be the “best practice” recommended by the .NET community today to refactor a legacy web forms code base into a maintainable application?

Using Cognito access token to pass claims

I am working on migrating all our users from our DB to a managed service, and we’re considering AWS Cognito.

We want to use Cognito for Authentication and Access Control.
For access control, we’re thinking about putting the user claims in the access token which is possible using the pre-token generation lambda and using them in the resource servers

The thing is I am not sure that this is the “right way” to do it using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

Are we doing it right? is there a better way?

Can I decrypt a .gpg file by using Windows CNG store?

I’m creating this tool in C# that would take a .gpg file and decrypt it using Windows CNG. I get a .gpg file as my input parameter and it is encrypted with my key using WinPT. Decrypting it works with the tool and I can also decrypt using BouncyCastle and my secret key. The receiving party of the file will always have the rights / key to decrypt it (this is an assumption). We do not want to use the secret key anymore, but would instead like to use the key from Windows CNG store.

I’ve checked this post, where it more or less explains how the encryption and decryption works using Unprotect and Protect, but i cannot get it working when the input file is a .gpg. It does work with byte arrays, and converting the .gpg data to a byte array does not help either.

Link: Pgp Private key storage on windows server advice

Is it even possible to decrypt a .gpg using this method?

How to log the search history in Mac Dictionary when using the pop-up dictionary mode

how to log the search history in mac dictionary The answer to this post provides an AppleScript to record the words that have been looked up by actually opening the Dictionary app (using an assigned keyboard shortcut).

Is there a way to record the words that have been looked up in the pop-up dictionary mode (using the default Ctrl-Command-d shortcut)?

Which is more secure Yubikey + Keepass using Challenge/Response or Yubikey + Keepass using OTP?

I use a Windows 10 PC and an Android phone with Keepass.

I would like to add a second factor on top of my master password that works with both Windows 10 and my Android phone.

Between the two support methods of authentication, which one is more secure?

  1. Yubikey + Keepass 2 using Challenge/Response
  2. Yubikey + Keepass 2 using OTP

Thanks in advance.