About Our Proxies

How can I order proxies?

Just pick one of the proxy packages, fill in your information and pay via Paypal. Shortly you will receive an email from us with your proxies. After ordering you can log into your client area, edit your information, contact our support center and even more.

Are your proxies anonymous?

Yes they are. All of the proxies we supply are highly anonymous HTTP/HTTPS Elite proxies.

When will I receive my proxies after ordering?

Please give us up to 12 hours to prepare the best proxies for your needs – you will receive an email with your proxies in .txt file.

What payment methods do you accept?

For now we accept on Paypal payments.

What proxy authentication method do you use?

We use IP authentication method. When ordering, you will be asked to give your IP that we can authenticate your private proxies to your IP.

How many IPs can I authenticate?

You can authenticate only one IP with one proxy package. But you can change your IP whenever you want – just contact us to do so.

Are your proxies dedicated or shared?

All our proxies are shared to maximum 5 customers. This allows us to offer the best price and quality in the market.

Can I switch my proxies?

Yes, you can replace your proxies once per billing cycle, after payment. Then you will get your new proxies.

Can I test your proxies before ordering?

You can have test proxies, for this please contact us via email.

What are your proxies location?

We provide USA location proxies.

What is the thread limit on your proxies?

You can use up to 100 simultaneous connections (threads) per proxy.

Can I use your proxies for emailing?

We allow all types of web mailing such as GMail, Yahoo, and AOL, but you cannot use our proxies for a mail server.

Can I use your proxies for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social networking websites?

Sure! We do not block access to any website, but due to the dynamic nature and security of social networking and media sites we don’t guarantee any type of success rate.

Can I use your proxies for ticket bots?

We do allow our proxies to be used on TicketMaster, but WE DO NOT guarantee the success rate of our proxies on ticketmaster.

Can i use your proxies on Craigslist?

Our proxies should work fine on Craigslist, but we cannot offer any guarantee for the site, the rate of successful usage varies due to its dynamic environment.

Can I use your proxies on nike.com?

Yes, but we do not guarantee any type of success rate with our proxies.

Can I use your proxies with any browser?

Yes, you can use them with almost every application that supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

Can I use your proxies with SEnuke, GSA SER, Ultimate Demon, and all other SEO software?

Absolutely, get some proxies and get out there and make some money! GSA SER can only be used on our European proxies. If you have a very large campaign of posting links with other software please ask us before you purchase proxies.

Can your proxies be used on classified ads websites?

Yes our proxies can be used on any website, however certain websites such as Craigslist may have a varible success rate.

Do you restrict access to certain websites?

No website is restricted, however please read our Terms and Conditions for the allowed behavior to use our proxies.

Do you restrict your proxies in any way?

We do not allow: Fraud, Mailing, XRumer, or Torrents. We reserve the right to update and refine the list of allowed services at any time without prior notice.

What is your refund policy?

We can offer you a full refund if you did not get your proxies within 24 hours after your order.

Have any other questions?

You are always welcome to contact our support team!

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