How to manage page caching to serve different AdSense units for Mobile and Desktop

I’m trying to cache the pages of my website, which are responsive and show the same contents for Desktop and for Mobile, with the exception of the location of the AdSense units if the visit is from Desktop or from Mobile:

  • for Desktop, I place the first ad (a 728×90 banner) just under the page title
  • for Mobile, the first ad is a below-the-fold 300×250 unit

The rest of the HTML contents are identical, except the AdSense code for the first ad. So I cannot cache the pages and I must query the database with the consequent load increment.

I wondered if any of you had similar experiences. Would you place the same AdSense code (e.g. responsive units) for the first ad (for both Desktop and Mobile), just in the below-the-fold of the mobile pages?

Remove widgets on mobile front page without affecting desktop

I customized my desktop page with widgets so that the articles are arranged into different aesthetically pleasing sections… but on my mobile page, I’d like all the articles to just show up by order of last published without being arranged into sections.

Is it possible to not have the widgets on the mobile page separately… while still having widgets on desktop?

I saw a lot of answers that mentioned CSS media queries, but it looks like that’s just adjusting header/stylistic things. I also saw a thing about redirecting, but I would prefer for the mobile to have the same link as the desktop. Is this possible?

Thank you so much.

Edit: I would also like to be able to add back the function of having the latest posts on mobile, as I had to remove it from desktop.

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Domain Ghosted on Mobile

I’ve had my domain and ecommerce shop,, since 2007. We also sold on Amazon, ebay a little, and Etsy since 2005. Since the pandemic started business took a big dive. Apparently we don’t wear makeup as much when we stay home or wear a mask.

So, we decided to shut down our shopify store and just sell on Etsy. I redirected our domain to our etsy shop URL, and redirected all of our shopping categories to our Etsy shopping categories. Thought that would do the trick. HOWEVER…HUGE ISSUE HERE….

When people just type in LA Minerals on Mobile just our social media comes up in search results, whereas before our ecommerce store came up in results. On a PC…our Etsy shop is first in results. (and I don’t know if that just because were cookied or if its that way for everyone. Maybe you could test that theory for me and type in LA Minerals on your pc and mobile? )

Domain is listed with bluehost and the only thing they could come up with is to advertise our domain on Google so we’d come up first in results and have the url lead to etsy.

An alternative I just thought of today is to use as a landing page for those that type in "LA Minerals" and have some info and a big SHOP NOW button that leads to etsy.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Which Combat maneuvers best support a highly mobile monk?

I’m planning a Rogue/Monk character, and I’m planning on being a highly mobile Monk who moves around the battlefield a lot, trying to get as many attacks as possible.

One of the ideas I had was to take the the martial adept feat, to add some variety to my actions.

I know some of the Battle Maneuvers aren’t synergistic with monk abilities, like tripping, because Monks can eventually get Stunning Strike.

Which of the Battle Maneuvers are most synergistic with:

  • Sneak Attack once a round
  • Multiple Attacks on the same enemy
  • Single Attacks on multiple enemies
  • Moving around the battlefield

Can Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound be made mobile by casting it on a mobile surface?

The description of the Mordenkainen’s faithful hound spell says, in part:

You conjure a phantom watchdog in an unoccupied space that you can see within range, where it remains for the duration, until you dismiss it as an action, or until you move more than 100 feet away from it.

If I were to cast Mordenkainen’s faithful hound to conjure the hound on a wagon, or on Tenser’s floating disk, would the hound then be able to follow me around and remain active for it’s 8 hour duration?