How to do Mobile application testing using Burp Suite on latest ios and android devices

I am trying to intercept the request with burp suite for mobile application pen testing on iOS and Android devices.

Here are the settings below which I have done in below points.

  1. I made sure that my mobile device and the burp is on same network
  2. All interfaces in proxy options
  3. Downloaded ca certificate on the mobile and enabled from Certificate Trust Settings for PortSwigger CA.
  4. Set the manual proxy on device to same IP address which is on PC.
  5. Asked application team if there is any SSL pinning is implemented and the answer was “NO” from their end.

Information on my issues where I got stuck.

When I intercept the request in burp I see so many error messages the client failed to negotiate an SSL connection.

Finally I came to an understanding that I need to have a rooted or jailbreak device to fully test the application and I am not sure how to do those things in the new version of iOS and android (made in USA)

Huawei mobile WIfi not working on Xubuntu Xenial

I have a problem that I don’t have internet on Xubuntu Xenail using the device Huawei Mobile Wifi (e5220), it’s a USB hotspot device, it conects to 3G+ bands for internet all on its own, and acts as a router that wifi devices can connect to. On windows and puppy linux it works just fine, from what I understand it uses the ethernet protocol through USB, so on windows it shows up as if it were another ehternet connection, but on Puppy Linux it’s seen as wwan0, in either case, it works when it dials itself, not when I have to specify APN or any of that like a regular broadband dongle.

I’ve gotten it to detect it as a broadband adapter on Xubuntu, so I can see the proper ISP name and signal strength, but try as I might, if I add a connection, it doesn’t finish connecting to it, and of course no internet.

Here’s the info from the script:

Smart list on mobile – friends don’t have check marks for their list

If person A is on a smart list on my computer (let’s say the smart list is called Baseball team), it appears to be fine. When using my iphone XR lately, if I click on Person A and then click on edit friend lists I see all the custom smart lists that I have, but none of them (including baseball team) have a check mark beside them. I used to be able to see which list they are included on from my phone, but I can’t do this for any of my friends now. I have to go to a computer to verify which smart list they are on. Please advise how to fix this?

Honour 4x mobile problem- continuous reboot

I have a Huawei honor 4x android mobile when I switch on the mobile it is continuously getting rebooted without booting booting I could see the logo of honor and it just getting rebooted battery is fine but am unable to recover the phone from this state , i don’t need any data just want to reset completely or bring back to normal state any idea or suggestions would be really helpful


gta v mobile download ios

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– Title: gta v mobile ios
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gta v mobile download ios

Mobile website user behaviour – drop off

I’m trying to understand why users don’t purchase products on mobile websites, but rather surf on the mobile web then drop off and only purchase on a desktop website.

I know that I need to speak to people to understand the “why” but I’m looking to do desk research before talking to people.

Could you direct me to research/reports on user behaviour on mobile websites? mobile optimisation etc?

How to send wifi configuration from server to mobile?

I am testing a project called Mobile Device Management (

Here, Admin needs to publish WiFi configurations (SSID, Password, Security Type etc.) to the mobile over the air. So what should be approach of sending password to the device. (i.e. it should be encrypted on server and decrypted on the device).

When I intercepted request in burp then I am able to see the wifi password in plain text, but developers are saying it is okay cause of HTTPS tunnel.

What are the other ways if developer don’t encrypt the wifi password?