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Place Categorization and Semantic Mapping on a Mobile Robot

I am currently working on a project where I need to create a semantic map of the environment that my robot moves through. The robot has an RGB-D camera mounted on top of it. So, as it moves through the environment it can perceive a continuous stream of images, each of which is passed through a CNN trained to identify different places such as kitchen, elevator, corridor, door etc. and the result of the place classification is then passed through a Bayesian Filter to create an occupancy grid map of the environment labeled with various place categories (colors corresponding to different places) as described in this paper. An example is shown below:

enter image description here

Now, the issue here is that, if you look at point X marked in the above image, although the robot is standing in the corridor at this point, the camera already sees an office (orange) and therefore labels a part of the corridor as an office.

I am looking for some sort of a solution to bypass this thereby allowing me to, as accurately as possible, segment the map by places in real-time as the robot moves through the environment. It can also be done iteratively, for example, refine the result when the robot crosses point X again some time in the future.

P.S. The robot is also equipped with two laser range finders which are used to create the occupancy map. Maybe I can somehow combine the laser range point cloud with the depth point cloud from the RGB-D camera.

Display customer reviews on mobile, technique?

I’m displaying several items on the same mobile page. each of them has its own reviews (about 30).

What is a good technique to display the reviews? for example, have a link/button on each item box that will says “see X reviews”, and then where would the reviews be shown? they need to appear somewhere, maybe a scroll-able modal window, and then have some close button?

What are the most recommended colors for the UI of a mobile app that is used under sunlight?

To use the app, users have to increase the brightness of the screen and this causes the battery to run out faster and still the best experience is not perceived.

It is an app that users use daily for 6 hours under sunlight taking meter readings located in the customers’ house.

They make a tour in the street visiting around 500 houses.

Modal button positioning on mobile

I am designing a design system for my company and am currently looking at designing the modals and dialogues for both desktop(tablet too) and mobile.

I have placed the primary action to the bottom right of the modal and any secondary actions, such as cancel or ‘save draft’ on the left. This just uses CSS floats.

Large modal design

However on mobile, I am not sure how to position the buttons if there is more than two. If there was just cancel and submit, either this would fit on the one line depending on screen size, or they would stack (I just need to update the CSS to allow this to happen) ontop of each other which also should work fine for the user.

However if there is more than 2, the order if they all stack will not particularly be intuitive for the user.

Small modal design

ignore the glitchiness – I can fix this just with a bit of CSS but I wanted to get opinions of others who have maybe designed something similar.

Stacking them like –




Wouldn’t particularly make sense, but nor would

CancelSave Draft


I would really appreciate any help to let me know of common patterns here?

Thanks so much

mobile broadband not appearing on system menu

I inserted a sim card in the sim card slot of my laptop and was expecting the mobile broadband option to appear on the system menu, but it doesn’t. I have a Fibocom L860 and WWAN is also enabled via bios so I’m thinking that it should work.

I checked by running mmcli -L on the terminal and it says that there were no modems found. I also tried to run sudo modem-manager.mmcli -L, but I keep getting error: couldn't get bus: Could not connect: Permission denied.

I tried solving my problem using this solution but there’s no CD/DVD drive option appearing.

I am not sure why this problem is happening. Is there a way to check if the problem is with the sim card, the sim card slot, or anything else?

Changing the default view of “The Events Calendar” for mobile

I’m using “The Events Calendar” plugin on my site at https://divealaska.net/events/. I’m looking to set the default view to List but only for the mobile. So far I’ve come up with trying to add a bit of Javascript to the header that would forward them to the /events/list/ page, but i cant’ seem to get wordpress to let me add it in just for the events page. Here’s my current code:

function load_js_assets() {     if( is_page( 'events' ) ) {         ?>             <!-- FORWARD IF MOBILE -->             <script type="text/javascript">                 <!--                 if (screen.width <= 699) {                     document.location = "/events/list/";                 }                 //-->             </script>          <?php     }  }  add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_js_assets'); 

I’ve placed that in the functions file of my theme. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Adding a content editor web part (which reference a .txt file) will break my list view inside mobile devices

I am working on a SharePoint 2013, and i have a team site collection which have the mobile browser view feature enabled. now inside the team site i have around 10 lists which are working well when accessed from mobile devices. except for one list view which i have edited its page (from setting >> Edit Page), and i add a content Editor web part which reference a .txt file. the .txt file have the following HTML:-

<img src="/Resources/Matrix.png" alt="Risk Matrix" style="width:854px;height:258px;">  

enter image description here

Now the list view page which is referencing the above content editor, will have the image added correctly inside non-mobile devices screens. but the problem is that when i access the list view from mobile devices i got the error:-

enter image description here

now if i remove the content editor web part the page will work well inside the mobile screens. so my question is how i can overcome this problem? i am thinking if any of these approaches can be achieved :-

  1. either to allow my content editor web part to work on mobile devices. in other words to force the image to be shown inside mobile screens .
  2. the other option is if i can force sharepoint to bypass the content editor web part on mobile devices.

seems strange to me as sharepoint 2013 claim that it is mobile supported,, and i am adding a built-in web part of type content editor,, so how come this is not not working on mobile devices ?? Thanks


now here is the full table which i am rendering as an image:-

enter image description here

and here is how it will look like on mobile devices when i deactivate the mobile browser view feature:-

enter image description here