What is this RPGA world/campaign design contest winner (ca. 2006?) I remember?

More than a decade ago, my best friend had an online subscription to various D&D materials. When he was back home visiting, he let me spend a few hours exploring this treasure trove. From what I can remember, there were fully indexed, digital versions of the current rule books. There were Q&A and discussion fora as well as online campaign settings somewhat like much older/slower play-by-mail. One of the campaign worlds I was particularly impressed with there was essentially a water world, where adventures took place on the high seas between islands and underwater in the deep.

What struck me the most, though, was the world design contest winner from an RPGA network contest that I had found in the campaign settings. As I recall, it was set on a world where the great heroes had just failed to prevent the invasion of some extra-planar entities that meant to take total control. Completely blown away by the unusual concept of the starting point, I had noted the name of this world and campaign setting but lost it over the years. My friend could not remember it and no longer had his subscription. I would very much like to relearn the name of this world and get more details about it as a campaign setting. Any assistance is much appreciated.

Using some homebrew i created. How to design a level 1 encounter with 7 level 1 characters

Me and my friends decided to play some dnd 5th edition. The issue is, though i am a long term DM i am only well-versed in the rules for 3.5e and Pathfinder 1st, same as Open Legend but it uses a completely different base system than the other ones.

I am essentially playing in a world that has been changed by the invention of Magitek. Technically it was discovered by some ancient ruins by the big empires expedition into the wilderness, though they honed and reverse engineered all that old tech in those ruins.

Right now my adventuring party is about to meet in the common tavern setting. All of those characters are of level 1 and consist of:

-Life Cleric




-The UA Pheonix Sorcerer with a few tweaks.

-A warlock with homebrew. Pact of the Vengeful Spirit as a mounted warlock kind of deal.

-Blood Hunter

Right now i want to make a small adventure playing in a neutral swiss like country, which is outside of the large and political conflicts of this world. To get the characters to bond in a more neutral environment. Since 1 Character comes from the "evil" empire and the other 3 come from it’s natural enemy. So to build up a group i decided to let them start in a neutral environment. Though i would like to introduce that little homebrew i entered into the world.

Magitek Items or rather Items with the Magitek Keyword are like magical items, but require fuel to sustain themselves for a more beneficial effect. What i was thinking of was that a Beast Tribe with enough Intelligence, probably Goblinoids, stole some shipments from the place they are currently situated at and are using that to raid the lands.

Though personally with a relatively balanced lineup of characters and essentially 7 turns in player character action economy. I personally do not know how to make an engaging encounter for them or multiple during this mini-adventure so that the players feel challenged and feel that this is an actual threat if these items get out of control. Obviously i would also not hand my players magitek items early on in the campaign. The Life Cleric is a Kleptomaniac. So should i maybe build in a failsafe ?

I’d require some good help for encounter building against overwhelming action economy in 5e as in 3.5 or pathfinder 1st i can handle it. Though there i feel it is quite confusing. Any advice is helpful here.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Website design process and steps.

Hello guys please, can you give some advice for my website design process? I'll be very grateful.

Fist I will describe the steps I take for the design process , then I'll try to explain it and give more details about it.

      1. First contact
      2. Determine the project size, direction and scope.
      3. Site map and wire-framing in XD or Figma sometimes I use Edraw Mind Map
      4. Content gather and categorize and if it is necessary(in the most cases) generate it…

Website design process and steps.

How to Design a Table for scoring system in Cassandra?

I have a table for my products in Cassandra. In this table I store the product name and seller name (there may be thousands of sellers) and score (Product score of the seller) so as following

CREATE TABLE products (     product_name varchar,     seller_name varchar,     score    int,     primary key (product_name, seller_name) ); 

I need to update score in my code

UPDATE products SET score = 2 WHERE product_name = "iphone-7" AND seller_name = "jack" ; 

Everything is fine, except for Select Query:

SELECT * FROM products WHERE product_name = "iphone-7" ORDER BY SCORE DESC; 

I need to get products by score order But as you know, it is not possible to sort without score being the primary key But if I put the score in the primary key, it will be not possible to update it what’s the solution?