Is there any WordPress plugin that can achieve this kind of design?

I know wix can do this but the cost is steep so I use WordPress hosting but just as the title says, Is there any WordPress plugin that can achieve this kind of design for a t-shirt store page on my blog?


I want this to be on a separate page by itself with just t-shirt designs and call to action. Any help with this is appreciated. and is posting an image like this okay to help out.

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Why items could not be enclosed within items in WordPress?

I was creating a guide in WordPress with the Classic Editor. In the guide, I was about to create a separate section here,

8 Best Mattress in India – Mattress Reviews & Guide (2020)

I referred to some bootstrap snippets available on the internet. I pasted this code in the Text area

<ul class="list-inline small">               <li class="list-inline-item m-0"><i class="fa fa-star text-success"></i></li>               <li class="list-inline-item m-0"><i class="fa fa-star text-success"></i></li>               <li class="list-inline-item m-0"><i class="fa fa-star text-success"></i></li>               <li class="list-inline-item m-0"><i class="fa fa-star text-success"></i></li>               <li class="list-inline-item m-0"><i class="fa fa-star-half-alt text-success"></i></li> </ul> 

When I switch to the visual section, the element gets removed. How to prevent elements from getting removed while switching to the visual section?

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Unique password for WordPress [closed]

So, I’m in the midst of talking with my employer and he wants a plugin that I haven’t been able to track down. either because it doesn’t exist or because I used the wrong search terms.

What we need is a plugin that generates keys like product keys or serial numbers, that it uses for its login on the site. The keys should also have a limited activation lifespan as we’re selling them for an online escape game.

Is it feasible or are we on a wild goose chase here?

How to add the custom code to the particular category in WordPress

I am trying to add the script to the particular product category, but the code is not adding it to the category.

This is my code for the page (This is working):

function wpb_hook_faq_javascript() {   if (is_single ('8') || is_page ('8')) {      ?>     <script type="application/ld+json">      </script>   <?php } } add_action('wp_footer', 'wpb_hook_faq_javascript'); 

And I am trying to add this similar code to the product category page:

function wpb_hook_faqtocategory_javascript() {   if ( in_category( 'category-name' )) {      ?>     <script type="application/ld+json">      </script>   <?php } } add_action('wp_footer', 'wpb_hook_faqtocategory_javascript'); 

But the above code is not working. This is my product category URL: wp-admin/term.phptaxonomy=product_cat&tag_ID=9&post_type=product.

Any help is much appreciated.

Пользовательский тип постов WordPress [closed]

С помощью плагина “Pods” создал пользовательский тип постов “gallery” и таксономии к ним “year”.
Изображения (посты) и года (категории) вывожу на странице “taxonomy-year.php”.

Не могу понять, как вывести ссылку на “gallery” (сейчас выводится отдельно созданная страница) в главном меню сайта, чтобы автоматически открывалась последняя созданная категория, в данном случае с текущим годом?
Сами категории Года имеют класс “active”, чтобы понимать в каком году я сейчас нахожусь, как мне сделать, чтобы вместе с этим класс “active” был и у выведенной в главном меню ссылки Галерея, как например у родительских страниц, когда находимся на дочерней?


I migrated from Blogger to WordPress. Should I hotlink images from Blogger to the new WP site?

I have recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I was wondering whether instead of uploading existing images to the new WordPress site I should hotlink them from Blogger instead.

I do not worry about my WP host space, but I do not find my host very fast. So will hotlinking images from Blogger improve my site’s performance? What will be better as far as SEO is concerned?

P.O: I checked and found that hotlinking from Blogger to other sites is allowed according to the Google/blogger policy.

Unable to insert two value in two different columns (WordPress database)

So I have made a new input with the name “Anaam”. When users fill in their info in the input, it should go to the database. However, it will not. I have looked at youtube videos to solve this problem. I have also looked for similar questions like this on Stack Overflow. However, this is with a WordPress database, so the inserting code is different then it usually is. Because of that, I could not find good questions on this.

My HTML code:

   <html>       <head>        </head>       <body>         <form action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">           <input name="file" type="file"/>           <br>           <br>           <input name="Anaam" type="text" placeholder="Albumnaam" class="albumnaam">           <input name="submit" type="submit" value="Upload uw album" />          </form>       </body>     </html> 

As you can see, I have made an input with the name “Anaam”.

My PHP code:

// ... Some data to connect with the remote FTP server, nothing to do with the database  $  Anaam = $  _POST["Anaam"];  if ((!$  conn_id) || (!$  login_result)) {      echo "Het spijt ons, er is momenteel geen connectie met de server.";     // echo "Attempted to connect to $  ftp_server for user $  ftp_user_name";      exit;  } else {      // echo "upload is gelukt"; }    //Only allow zip and rar files to be uploaded $  allowed = array('zip', 'rar'); if(in_array($  fileActualExt, $  allowed)) {  // upload the file (in remote ftp server) $  upload = ftp_put($  conn_id, $  destination_file, $  source_file, FTP_BINARY);  // check upload status  if (!$  upload) {      echo "Er is iets fout gegaan, excuses voor het ongemak"; } else {      // insert data in de database      global $  wpdb;      $  number_of_rows_inserted = $  wpdb->insert('wpex_programma', [       'naam' => $  fileName,       'Anaam' => "test"      ]);        var_dump($  number_of_rows_inserted); 

As you can see, I want to insert the values in the database wpex_programma in the column “naam” and the column “Anaam”. In the column “Anaam” I want to insert the value of the variable $ Anaam. Why will it still not work? It does not show any errors. It just never stops loading.

My table structure: