Each alert freezes the desktop for some seconds

Say I am in an app that sends some alert. For instance, when in a terminal I write some gibberish and then press tab. Then, for some seconds, Ubuntu (I don’t know which subsystem really does it) freezes for some seconds before beeping. (I can still move around the mouse, but nothing else.) Then, if I repeat the same action again immediately, it works as expected (beeps without delay). But if I wait some seconds and try again, I get the same ill-behavior. I’m completely at loss here, and it’s really annoying. Help very much appreciated!

How to listen to network traffic of DMZ and LAN using BRO (ZEEK) IDS

Im deployed BRO on Ubunto on my DMZ network with two interfaces, I configured the networks and node configuration file. but for some reason i can only see the traffic that is coming out my Ubunto machine where BRO is deployed.

can someone explain/help how i can listen to the whole traffic going/outgoing to dmz and lan ?

network log:

 # List of local networks in CIDR notation, optionally followed by a # descriptive tag. # For example, "" or "fe80::/64" are valid prefixes.  #          Private IP space #       Private IP space #      Private IP space        DMZ1        LAN1 

node log

Example BroControl node configuration. # # This example has a standalone node ready to go except for possibly changing # the sniffing interface.  # This is a complete standalone configuration.  Most likely you will # only need to change the interface. [bro] type=standalone host=localhost interface=ens192 interface=ens160 

How much cost to buy Conditions from other mantles in Dresden Files Accelerated?

When customizing characters, some players may want to get Conditions, not only Stunts, from other mantles. For example, in my campaign, I have a character with the Law Enforcement mantle that wanted the Third Eye condition.

Should he pay one Refresh for the Condition as he would for a new Stunt?

And what about more complex Conditions? For example, if someone wants to have Press Credentials from the Reporter Mantle, it seems it should come with Off the Air as well.

Multiple users accessing same form

We store Word macro letters for our examiners to use on SharePoint. Can multiple people open the same letter at the same time? They do not save their changes, as the letters are templates, where they enter their info, then print the letter and close the document without making actual changes to the template. Recently we’ve run into a second user receiving a “read only” error message that someone else has locked the document. However, our end users do not have the ability to actually edit the letters, only use them. Is this a case of two people trying to open the same letter at the exact same time – and if that person who received the error closes it out and tries to reopen they’ll be fine?

¿Como enviar un dato por medio de Socket a un arduino con modulo wifi y direccion ip fija desde android?

estoy utilizando un arduino mega con un modulo wifi HLK-RM04 con una direccion ip y puerco fijas, ese modulo funciona como un router, en android studio tengo un metodo que al momento del onCreate() llamo a ese metodo, pero en mi monitor serie no logro recibir ese dato.

este es mi metodo

public void Socket(){         OutputStream out=null;     try {          InetAddress serverAddr = InetAddress.getByName("");         Socket socket = new Socket(serverAddr, 8080);         out=socket.getOutputStream();         DataOutputStream output=new DataOutputStream(out);         output.write("m".getBytes());          output.close();      }catch (NumberFormatException e) {         e.printStackTrace();     } catch (UnknownHostException e) {         e.printStackTrace();     } catch (IOException e) {         e.printStackTrace();     }  } 

y este es mi codigo en arduino

void loop() {   if(Serial.available()>0){ char dato=Serial.read();   if(dato=='m'){     Serial.print("palabra");   } } 


he utilizado la aplicacion de play store Serial Wifi Terminal y sin problemas puedo enviar el dato “m” y lo logro visualizar en mi monitor serial. ¿algun metodo o algo que estoy haciendo mal?

unistalling software on ubuntu server 18.04

i need help to uninstall mattermost on ubuntu server 18.04

first of all here is how i installed the app:

wget https://releases.mattermost.com/5.1.0/mattermost-5.1.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz

Extract the Mattermost Server files.

tar -xvzf mattermost*.gz

Move the extracted file to the /opt directory. sudo mv mattermost /opt

Create the storage directory for files. sudo mkdir /opt/mattermost/data

….. Now i tried to unsinstall it using: sudo apt autoremove –purge mattermost

and it didn’t work.(error: unable to locate package mattermost)

Create realistic digital portrait for commercial or personal use for $190

Hi i will draw an amazing realistic digital portrait using the photo you provide for reference. It can be used for your music covers, printing or any commercial or personal use. I need: a good quality photo no blurs etc you will get: a 300dpi high resolution jpeg or png or any image format that you need. Size is 2500x3500px by default. If you need other please mention. you can inbox me before placing any order. Thanks

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