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MySQL Table structure and data export – Script sequence is not correct

When I export the data and structure of my MySQL database to a file, I notice that the table sequences in the output file are not correct. For example the script of a child table is put before the master table. Incase of MSSQL that is not the case. Any idea how that can be corrected?

MySQL80 MySQL Workbench 8.0

Add link to excerpt if is on search and is custom post type

I want to display the excerpt and add a link to the bottom if the searched result if from my custom post type. What filter should I use?

if ( is_search() && get_post_type() == 'books' ) {          function exceprt_link( $  search_excerpt ) {         $  added_link = "<br><a href=''>Go to google</a>";                  $  new_excerpt = $  search_excerpt . $  added_link;                  return $  new_excerpt;              }     add_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'exceprt_link' );      }  

Behaviour of PatternTest

I was surprised by the following behavior of PatternTest and I think that this may be instructive for other people too.

Consider FreeQ[x], an operator that returns True if its operand does not contain x. E.g. FreeQ[x][1] returns True.

Now look at:

MatchQ[2 , _?FreeQ[x]] False 

Not what I ecpected. However, if we put brackets around FreeQ[x]:

MatchQ[2 , _?(FreeQ[x])] True 

With the help of Wolfram support I could finally entangle this mystery. The PatternTest has a pretty high precedence, higher than Part, so that _?FreeQ[x] is interpreted as (_?FreeQ)[x] and not as expected: _?(FreeQ[x])

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Need help with my risk game program – i need to insert 2 players, throw x number of dices, order them and confront the results of the 2 players

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApp8 { class Program { static List names; static List dices; // [2, 3] static List player1Dices = new List(); static List player2Dices = new List();

    static List<string> PromptNames()     {         Console.Write("Nome del primo giocatore: ");         string player1 = Console.ReadLine();         Console.Write("Nome del secondo giocatore: ");         string player2 = Console.ReadLine();          List<string> names = new List<string>();          names.Add(player1);         names.Add(player2);         return names;     }      static int GetDieValue(string x, string msg)     {         Console.Write("{0}, {1} ", x, msg);         string rawDie = Console.ReadLine();         int parsedDie;         // qui devi usare do, while perché non sai a priori quante volte un giocatore potrebbe inserire un valore sbagliato         if (!Int32.TryParse(rawDie, out parsedDie))         {             Console.WriteLine("Meti un numero");             return GetDieValue(x, msg);         }         return parsedDie;     }      static List<int> PromptDices()     {         int p1Dices = GetDieValue(names[0], "con quanti dadi vuoi attaccare?");         int p2Dices = GetDieValue(names[1], "con quanti dadi ti vuoi difendere?");          return new List<int>() { p1Dices, p2Dices };     }     static void Play()     {         Console.WriteLine("{0} attacca con {1} dadi", names[0], dices[0]);         Console.WriteLine("{0} difende con {1} dadi", names[1], dices[1]);         CalculateResult();      }     static void CalculateResult()     {         System.Random random = new System.Random();         for (int i = 0; i <= dices.Count; i++)         {             player1Dices.Add(random.Next(1, 7));         }         Console.WriteLine("Prima: {0}{1}{2}", player1Dices[0], player1Dices[1], player1Dices[2]);         player1Dices = player1Dices.OrderByDescending(x => x).ToList();         Console.WriteLine("Dopo: {0}{1}{2}", player1Dices[0], player1Dices[1], player1Dices[2]);           for (int i = 0; i <= dices.Count; i++)         {             player2Dices.Add(random.Next(1, 7));         }         Console.WriteLine("Prima: {0}{1}{2}", player2Dices[0], player2Dices[1], player2Dices[2]);         player2Dices = player2Dices.OrderByDescending(x => x).ToList();         Console.WriteLine("Dopo: {0}{1}{2}", player2Dices[0], player2Dices[1], player2Dices[2]);      }         private static void PlayAgain(string x)     {         Console.WriteLine("Se vuoi finire il gioco scrivi Exit");         string Exit = x;         do         {             RunGame();             player1Dices.Clear();             player2Dices.Clear();         }         while (x != Console.ReadLine());                }      static void RunGame()     {         names = PromptNames();         dices = PromptDices();         CalculateResult();         Play();         PlayAgain();                          // generate random numbers - and sort them         // display results - compare dices         // repeat or quit?     }      private static void PlayAgain()     {         throw new NotImplementedException();     }      static void Main(string[] args)     {         RunGame();         Console.WriteLine("Thanks for playing");         Console.ReadKey();     } } 


SEO | Cloaking | Is it safe to remove Third-party / Analytical scripts for crawlers/bots? Is this considered as cloaking?

Is it considered as cloaking if I remove third party scripts such as google tag manager, other analytics based scripts tags for crawlers/bots?

By removing these external javascripts I will surely have improved page performance(reduced page load time) for the Google Crawler and for effective SEO.

Though the question is related to Will disabling javascript be considered as cloaking by Google But, unlike there I am trying to remove only Third party Scripts which are not vital for the site from crawlers perspective.

Can I do so? Please suggest.