Is there a name for this 20 sided die with two 1s, two 2s, etc?

Purchased this die from a hobby/tabletop store yesterday, mainly because I thought it looked cool, and that it was funny that it was so hard to read the faces:

shiny gold icosahedron numbered 0–9 twice

I was passively rolling the die, and noticed that my rolls were all very low. Checking the faces, I found that this was actually a d10 with twenty sides and two instances of each number, 0-9.

Is there a name for a die like this? Would I be able to purchase another, possibly with sides 10-20?

fair chore allocation with qualification


There are $ n$ indivisible heterogenous bads (chores).
There are $ m$ agents.
The subjective utility functions of the agents are additive and identical. e.g $ \forall X,i,j\ V_i(X) = V_j(X)$ .
The agents have different entitlements over the chores.
Finally, there is an additional constraint: there are chores that some agents cannot be assigned to perform (i.e the qualification constraint)

The task

I would like to be able to:

  1. define some fairness criterion that matches the problem
  2. find an algorithm that provides an allocation that implements it.

I believe that due to the qualification constraint some standard fairness criteria, like $ EF1$ , may not exist. This is why I am also asking for a fairness criterion.

What is a “quality check”?

In the Appendix A of Ghosts of Saltmarsh, there is a section about Magical Storms on page 105, relating to each of the different schools of magic. The one about divination magic says:

What is a “quality check”? Is this a mistake? I assume it means ability check, but maybe it refers to something from a previous edition of D&D (I know that the adventures were from previous editions, so maybe these rules were lifted from previous editions too?). Has there been errata released about this?

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Running a campaign with only one other player

Running A Single-Player Campaign

So I’m running a new campaign on Roll20, going through the Baldur’s Gate module WotC released a few months back. It’s my first time running a campaign in several years, so I’m a little rusty. It’s also my first time seriously using Roll20 for anything—all my previous campaigns have been in-person tabletop experiences. Any other time that I’ve used the website, it’s been limited to a player role.

My major issue is that it’s just me and one other person (at the moment). He’s playing two characters since he wanted to experiment, and I started them off at 3rd level for gameplay reasons, but I’m running into problems with combat. I’ve looked into different solutions, but I’m hoping creating a post will get more specific results.

These are the problems:

  • Combat is becoming a slog and slowing down the campaign.
  • His characters become easily overwhelmed, even if I:
    • Reduce NPC hitpoints,
    • Reduce number of mobs,
    • Reduce special attacks,
  • We’re forced to take short/long rests every couple of rooms.
  • Just getting through simple encounters becomes tactical nightmares and resource management minigames as he tries to min/max the battle and still maintain momentum.

I’m probably making it sound worse than it is, since we’re just starting out, but I can see how this will progress the further into the campaign we go. At the moment, his characters out-level the enemies, but that advantage will be gone within the next few sessions, and then it becomes a steep uphill grind. This is made worse when we get to locations like Avernus and the environment itself starts actively working against player-recovery.

I’m hoping people have some suggestions for me, maybe even ones that are tied to the module itself. I’ve tinkered with things like ‘scaring the enemies away’ when their BBEG is killed, or the boss is defeated. Allowed skill checks for intimidation to reduce NPC numbers, etc. I don’t really know other easy, scalable ways to balance CR and not remove the difficulty and fun of combat entirely, but prevent combat from grinding the story to a standstill.

I’m considering creating my own DMPC to help flesh out the roster, but since this is my first time controlling the game in a while, I don’t want to overstep or lose focus—things that are all too easy to do when you both run the world, and have a stake in it.

Json hijacking does not work

I have patched my site to prevent JSON hijacking. During this process, I was interested to see if I could actually exploit this vulnerability.

So I created a foo.html, added a script tag which source attribute referenced my site which I was logged into. I was unable to exploit the vulnerability. I took a look at the network traffic, and I could not see my authentication cookie being passed in the request.

Does this mean that most browsers have fixed the vulnerability? Is there some table that will let me know which browsers have fixed it? Or have I completely misunderstood the vulnerability?

Can a druid who is wild shaped into an ape cast non-verbal & non-material (somatic only) spells, example thunderclap? [duplicate]

Similar questions do not deal with “somatic only” spells (they only say “no” due to lack of access to verbal or material components, see the link)

Wild Shape states:

You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so.

Could a druid wild shaped into an ape still cast non-verbal & non-material (somatic only) spells, for example:

Thunderclap: [..] Components: S [..]

My logic: Ape has hands = can clap?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Did you know for sure you were gay or straight when you were nine years old”?

I was reading today’s headlines on Google News and came across this: ‘I want to be brave like you’: 9-year-old boy asks Pete Buttigieg to help him tell the world he’s gay. I don’t think I was definitely attracted to girls until I was almost twelve years old. Do kids figure that out sooner these days?