Command to show “ipconfig /all” equivalent [duplicate]

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Command to show “ipconfig /all” equivalent

Is there a program or command to show all networking information (IP & subnet mask, Gateway, DNS servers, Hostname, DHCP lease info, DHCP server)… conveniently with one command, like the built-in Windows ipconfig /all does? I have searched and searched, but online search results just keep showing “10 useful Linux Networking commands”. If you don’t know, you don’t have to let me know by commenting that you don’t know, or going off-top about creating a script to do this-n-that. Just looking to see if there’s a little proggy out there to do this 🙂

OS: Kubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Kernel: 4.18.0-25-generic Shell: bash 4.4.19

How do transfer Google Calendar ‘all day’ events from one month to the other?

I put my tasks on my calendar as ‘all-day’ events (there is Google Tasks for Calendar but I don’t want to use it). However, since August ended with a Saturday, there is not a single day of September displayed on the month view of August, so I can’t drag-and-drop my events from August to September. I don’t want to click and go to the edit view of every single August event/task and change the date to September.

Is there a faster way?

How do I enable *all* keys on the touchscreen keyboard?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that we have a touchscreen keyboard.

All the good keys are there for normal language…

Touchscreen keyboard in 19.04 alphabet keys

Keys are there to get into vim command mode….

Touchscreen keyboard in 19.04 symbol keys

And I can write my bash scripts in emoji!

Touchscreen keyboard in 19.04 emoji keys

But wait, now I’m stuck!

How do I:

  • ESC (escape command mode in vi??) Can’t get back my work!!
  • CTRL (I can’t CTRL+Z to jump back to the same shell)
  • ARROW KEYS (How am I ever going to play Kings Quest on DosBox???)



Prevent ‘reply all’ in Facebook group message

I’m the admin for a Facebook group of approximately 50 members, and I want to send a single message to everyone in the group. I need to use a message because most members of the group do not receive notifications for posts on the group page.

The last time I sent a message to the whole group, a few members started replying in a casual chatty way that spammed all of the other members and led to some of them leaving the group.

Is it possible to send a message to a group that does not allow anyone to “reply all”?

List of 10 Expired Indian Domains – All DA 20+ – All. IN or CO. IN TLD for $10

There is nothing more exciting than having your own very high metric PBN, especially for someone who loves to see his/her website rising in terms of ranking on the major search engines just like the sun rises in the morning. This expired high metric list was made in India for Indian businesses by an All-Indian team.

by: WinnersPBN
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Category: PBNs
Viewed: 129

Where can I find *all* screensaver files on MacOS Sierra?

When I go to “Desktop & Screen Saver”, I see about 20 different screensavers. All online resources I’ve found have directed me to one of these locations, none of which contain ALL of the screensavers. In particular, I just want to edit/poke around in the .saver file for the Floating screensaver.

I can only find the abstract art screensavers like Flurry, Arabesque, Shell, Word of the Day, Random. There are other screen savers I can use, like Floating, Flip-up, Reflections, Origami, …

Where are all of the other screensavers?

I’ve looked in these folders:

/Library/Screen Savers     (only contains a folder with a bunch of pictures) ~/Library/Screen Savers     (empty) /System/Library/Screen Savers     (only contains abstract screen savers mentioned above) /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Versions/A/Resources      (contains a bunch of irrelevant files)  

Does *ALL* mobile/touch browsers have “invisible” scrollbars in scrollable areas?

Usually in browsers in touch devices, in scrollable areas, a scrollbar only appears when a user touches it and starts scrolling by moving their finger (in some it never appears at all) –

Is this something I can count on 100% to be implemented in ALL mobile/touch browsers? (i.e. none will show an always-visible scrollbar by default) I need to know, for a design decision.

What is the most appropriate opposite of “Select All”?

Is it more appropriate to use “Deselect All” or “Select None” or some other phrase to indicate the opposite of “Select All”?

Context: A toggle button in an iOS app UIToolbar that will select all items on screen, then change title to indicate it will clear the selected state of all items. Note that space is limited as there will be multiple buttons in the toolbar (so I wouldn’t use “Clear Selection”).

One option could be to only use “All” then change it to “None” but users may not know it’ll modify selection state. Another complexity is there is also a “Range” button which allows selecting a range of items. So it too is related to selection state yet it’s not titled “Select Range” due to the limited space. Could these be replaced with icons instead of text? I could add a non-interactive label that reads “Select:” but I’ve never seen that on a toolbar I don’t believe.

Is there anything on iOS that implements this functionality? Being consistent with the system would be best.