how fill up a gig interface bandwidth by hping3?

I’ve been trying to test our software against DOS attacks. So, I used HPing3 but it just fill up 10-11M of my interface’s bandwidth! I ran the tool 40 times, i mean 40 process of hping3, unfortunately nothing changed in my interface’s bandwidth!

Well, my question is : How should I fill up my interfaces bandwidth for DOS attacks simulation ?


Computer Networks, bandwidth calculation

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this kind of questions, but I’m a little desperate and I can’t find the answer to this Computer Networks exam question.

“A P2P 1000 km connection uses a Idle RQ frame protocol with a frame of 1 KByte. Calculate the bandwidth to use at its maximum the line. Is it possible to increment the bandwidth by incrementing the frame size? Why?”

I’ve tried to reverse the formula for the efficiency calculation by putting U = 1 but it seems to be impossible because the last step turns out to be bw = 0

I also tried to relate the frame size and the bandwidth but that’s something used for the CSMA/CD which is not involved in this excercise

Thank you in advance for your help

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Optimal upload bandwidth for Sharepoint Online?

Looking for some advice on the optimal upload speed for our internet connection now that we’ve moved to Sharepoint Online. We’re a small business (15 users) working with mostly Word, Excel, PDF, and JPG files- nothing unique or fancy. Curious if there’s an optimal upload speed to facilitate the smoothest function of OneDrive syncing Sharepoint folders to each users Windows Explorer. Thanks,


Is it possible to monitor from L3 gateway switch, which client is hogging the bandwidth?

There is an L3 Switch at the edge of a network that routes data to other networks. I need to find a way to monitor how much traffic each client inside the network is generating due to bandwidth limitations.

Is there a monitoring software that makes reports based on src/dest IP traffics passing through the gateway switch “for individual clients” in the network? I am aware of packages such as PRTG but they show the overall bandwidth usage rather than telling you which client is generating how much traffic. Also, monitoring the clients’ network interfaces is not an option. This should be done at the edge of the network where the Layer 3 switch routes all traffics in/out.


Combine aggregate several ISP via a VPS to increase bandwidth [on hold]

I use a 4G phone connection to access internet; with ~1MB/s. Currently, I have 4 phone connection if I combine all my familly’s phones, I could then get 4MB/s, so I was wondering if I could combine them to increase the speed.

However, contrary to all over questions and response on this (interface bonding etc.) I would like keep the same IP address. So I was thinking of using my VPS as a global Gateway that would aggregate all the connections. This is how I dream it : My computer and my VPS are linked using the 4 connections, the VPS aggregate all packets and forwards them to the internet. And then, it balances between the 4 ways to my computer, that aggregate the response again.

How would you do that ?

Is there a specific name for this technique so that I have a start point for further searches ?

Setting up home wifi network with bandwidth limits

I have a 250Mbps home network and I want to set up a router with per-device or per-subnet bandwidth limits so certain users don’t consume all bandwidth. Is this possible?

Although I’d prefer an all-in-one device that supports docsis and wifi with bandwidth caps, I’d be willing to buy separate devices if needed. But I’m not sure if even this would work since throttling by the ISP might still occur on high-bandwidth downloads before traffic even reaches my home network.

Create VPN connection without loosing my bandwidth [on hold]

I have 150Mbps download speed at home and on job I have 100Mbps download speed. When I want to work from home I connect over VPN connection to my PC at job. However when I connect to VPN my download speed drops to 50Mbps, anyone knows why and how can I preserve my 150Mbps speed when I’m connected to VPN or does my system administrator needs to set something on his part?