Cheaper Frontier flights at the airport?

Similar to Spirit, it seems Frontier charges a fee for using their website and call center, they call this “Carrier Interface Charge [CIC].”

This fee is waived if you buy tickets airport. They do this so they can claim it’s an optional fee don’t have to pay taxes on it.

I know that promo code and “discount den” fares aren’t offered at the airport, so my question only pretains to standard fares.

I’ve read in serveal forums though, that some people are charged a “airport purchase fee” of a similar amount to the “CIC.” In which cases will this fee be charged? How can I know if my total fare will be cheaper at the airport?

Cheaper Sun Country flights at the airport?

Other US ULCC airlines Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant all charge fees for using their website and call center. These fees are waived when purchasing at the airport so they can claim it’s an optional fee don’t have to pay taxes on it.

Does Sun Country do this too?

I can’t find a breakdown of the flight price on their website. The price is always presented as a total including taxes and fees.

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Will Computer Hard Disks get cheaper Quickly?

With 5G just launched in few cities of USA and expected in many cities of Europe in 2019 and by the mid of 2020 5G will be coming to India. Do you think that data consumption will increase and go beyond sky?
Will this coming of 5G going to cause Hard Disks getting cheaper within few months as we enter 2020 or we can expect prices of Hard Discs to remain stable for many years?

1960s-1990s third party lenses – why was the “lowest tier” cheaper to make?

From a retrospective, it seems that there were a couple of mid-tier makers/importers like Vivitar, Sigma, Tamron, Soligor … and that there was a plethora of small brands (for example, one brand starting with H and one with M…) that seem to have made consistently bad zooms and even some very sub-par primes. Seems they also had a reputation for very mediocre quality back in the day. Trying out these lenses, when they can be had for cheap, usually confirms yesterday’s prejudice.

The thing is, not every design by the mid-tier brands appears to rely on special technologies like ED/SD glasses or aspheres. Neither was every design by these brands that DIDN’T use (or announce?) such technologies mediocre.

Also, the “lowest tier” zoom designs do not seem to be of consistently lower element count, while there have been good low-element prime designs then and before, making the explanation of “too few elements” moot.

Additionally, most of the “lower tier” was NOT in the serious wide angle domain, where things like very precise centering, floating elements, or aforementioned special technologies are known to be essential. And the flaws typical of these cheap lenses tend to be about contrast, color, or all-corners-equally-bad-on-all-samples distortion/spherical aberration/CA… , not about things that would be typical for a sloppily centered lens.

Also, mechanical build quality tended to be decent with most ANY brand back then.

So far, we can assume that anyone who wanted to build an 80-200mm variable f4-ish, or a 135mm f2.8, or a 35mm f2.8, or even a double gauss 50mm, had to buy a similar amount of similar kinds of glasses and have them ground and cemented into a similar number of elements and groups. I am aware there were 3/4 element 135mm designs, but they tend to use at least one monstrously heavy chunk of glass, so hardly any material savings.

So why was anyone able to save cost and sell cheaper by building a WORSE example of these old standards? Was the price difference all about applied design knowledge and intellectual property? Was it mostly about the coating science? Were there methods that yielded relevantly flawed spherical lenses at lower cost?

Cheap(er) HSM FIPS 140-2

I’m currently building a project including electronic signature that requires the eIDAS certification.

Currently, the eIDAS certification requires an HSM with the FIPS 140-2 norm. But these are minimum 4’800$ .

Do you know a cheaper eIDAS-compliant alternative ?

Thank you.

What is комфорт and why is it cheaper than not комфорт?

Looking at trains in Russia, I’ve found that for the same class, комфорт is cheaper than a ticket not marked as комфорт:


In the image above, for the train № 042В «Москва – Воркута», the prices are:

  • 2-cl. sleeping compt., from 6.194 ₽
  • 2-cl. sleeping compt. (комфорт), from 5.793 ₽
  • 3-cl. open sleeping, from 4.232 ₽
  • 3-cl. open sleeping (комфорт), from 4,060 ₽

In both 2nd and 3rd class, the option with комфорт is the cheaper alternative. But from the word, I would expect it to be more comfortable. I thought it might just be a quirk due to some travel classes being sold out, just like how one sometimes find 1st class cheaper than 2nd class on the Thalys, but I checked several other dates on this route, and on those dates комфорт is also cheaper. What is the difference and why is комфорт cheaper?