Cheap(er) HSM FIPS 140-2

I’m currently building a project including electronic signature that requires the eIDAS certification.

Currently, the eIDAS certification requires an HSM with the FIPS 140-2 norm. But these are minimum 4’800$ .

Do you know a cheaper eIDAS-compliant alternative ?

Thank you.

What is комфорт and why is it cheaper than not комфорт?

Looking at trains in Russia, I’ve found that for the same class, комфорт is cheaper than a ticket not marked as комфорт:


In the image above, for the train № 042В «Москва – Воркута», the prices are:

  • 2-cl. sleeping compt., from 6.194 ₽
  • 2-cl. sleeping compt. (комфорт), from 5.793 ₽
  • 3-cl. open sleeping, from 4.232 ₽
  • 3-cl. open sleeping (комфорт), from 4,060 ₽

In both 2nd and 3rd class, the option with комфорт is the cheaper alternative. But from the word, I would expect it to be more comfortable. I thought it might just be a quirk due to some travel classes being sold out, just like how one sometimes find 1st class cheaper than 2nd class on the Thalys, but I checked several other dates on this route, and on those dates комфорт is also cheaper. What is the difference and why is комфорт cheaper?

How does Expedia manage to sell a room significantly cheaper than the hotel itself?

I was recently booked in to the Hyatt Ziva All Inclusive in Puerto Vallarta booked direct through the Hyatt website. The room rate was approx. $ 650 per night.

This evening, I was casually browsing on Expedia and found that same room, room type and for the same dates availabel for $ 300 per night all in.

Expedia was indicating that the room was 55% off as of tonight.

This is a significant discount…how does Expedia manage to provide the same room for this price?

enter image description here

Can I get cheaper plane tickets by using a VPN?

Use NordVPN to get cheaper tickets on KAYAK?

In a Youtube video by ADVChina, the speaker is recommending to use a VPN in China for various reasons, and to sign up using his referral code.

He says there are various practical uses including “You could also go and get cheaper plane tickets by hopping around different countries.” and shows a screenshot of a flight website called KAYAK, with the VPN software changing his country to Italy.

Is it possible to get cheaper plane tickets by using a VPN in this way? I’ve never heard of KAYAK, but if I use something like Skyscanner, is it common for tickets to be priced differently depending on which country the user’s IP is from?

Is it because of different taxes in different countries? So could it be illegal to get discounts like this? Or is there some pricing strategy from airlines to charge different amounts depending on the country of purchase?

If a 4-leg city flight is cheaper then a flight between those legs, can I just exit midway?

A flight with 3 legs, A->B->C (the exact airports don’t really matter, but know that A is outside of the EU and B and C inside), and I have two pieces of checked luggage with me. This is cheaper than a flight from A to B; and B is where I actually want to get to.

Is it possible to board this flight and then at B just exit the airport? I assume if I wouldn’t have any checked luggage that should work. But with luggage, could I somehow tell the airline at B with some probability of success that “err.. there has been an issue and I need to stop my journey here, can I please have my checked luggage back?”.

Get cheaper home insurance, break your financial durance

House Insurance, we are all reluctant to pay it, but we have to anyway. A house insurance is something that is very necessary to have, and is almost as important as the house we live in. Without a home insurance, you cannot cover the damages that happen to your home like a fire or theft, if you do not have the financial means. So having house insurance protects your home from spontaneous mishaps that can and may put your whole house and family in peril. A standard house insurance will cost you a fortune of you are not careful but don’t worry there are certain ways in which you can reduce the insurance premium.
Installing alarms and other safety equipment in your home like smoke detectors can keep your house safe from danger. This can increase the chance of your house requiring less insurance. Insurance companies will assess your home and they will recognize that your house is safe and that there is less chance of your house getting robbed or catching fire since you had installed all the safety equipments. So your house has a less chance of getting damaged in a fire or a robbery, which means there is less chance of the insurance companies having to pay the total amount of insurance, so it is a great deal for them and they are more than happy to offer you the insurance.
Another precaution you can take is to pay an initial huge sum to the insurance company, before you pay the premium. When you pay an initial amount you can, you can get diminutions in the premium. You can also compare insurances before you buy them and you can get details of many insurance profiles in several websites, and you can compare them and choose the best insurance plan. Insurance companies also alter the rate of insurance every year, so they may offer a reduction in the premiums to be paid each year, this way if you keep track of the insurance rates, you may get a lower premium rate.
Getting a lower insurance premium is just a short step away if you take the time to do your research and do your homework. But you have to do it for your home family and yourself.