Hyper-V Replication setup fails, can’t resolve hostname [Windows 2016 datacenter edition]

Ok, here i have something nasty.

  • 3 Windows datacenter 2016 servers, running since early 2018
  • Replication has been up and running since early 2018
  • in january 2019 the private certificates for replication expired and we didn’t notice it
  • yesterday we renewed all certificates on the 3 machines
  • We have have done this before and there were no problems

The 3 machines are called

  1. HV2016-1 (
  2. HV2016-2 (
  3. HV2016-3 (

To prevent things from going bad (the replicated data on the backup server was at least 3 months old) we removed the replication configuration from the running VM’s and removed the replicated VM from the backup server. (HV2016-3 is running on older hardware and has the lowest amount of running VM’s. But it is sufficient for replications.)

But now… Replicating data from HV2016-1 works great and without problems to both HV2016-2 and HV2016-3. Replicating data from HV2016-3 works great and without problems to both HV2016-2 and HV2016-1. Replicating data from HV2016-2 works great and without problems to ONLY HV2016-3. Replicating data from HV2016-2 to HV2016-1 results in a flickering pop-up when we enter the hostname and press next for setting up replication information. We can’t get past this screen and it flickers for ever.

[hostnames] The names HV2016-1,2 and 3 are all on all servers specified in the hosts file. All hosts-files are identical on all 3 servers.

What we tried:

  • Reboot the servers
  • ping on IP address from HV2016-2: ping good
  • ping on hostname HV2016-1 from HV2016-2: ping good
  • tracert HV2016-1: resolves good
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • nbtstat -R
  • added other hostnames for the same IP address in the hosts file on HV2016-2, but every name that resolves to results in the flickering pop-up

So i am stuck at this and can’t explain why this happens.

GCP – As três zonas na região São Paulo estão no mesmo datacenter físico?

Fui em um evento de tecnologia sobre cloud computing e disseram que no Google Cloud Platform, na região de São Paulo, as três zonas disponíveis estão fisicamente no mesmo datacenter. E que são separadas, por questão de disponibilidade, por redes e energia diferentes.

Procurei bastante sobre isso mas não consegui encontrar uma resposta.

Existe algum site ou documentação que confirma ou não esta informação?


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