commerce (D7) – Display any discounts only at cart / checkout stage

I am selling furniture, I also sell furniture accessories.

Both of these have their own Product Types.

I use ‘Commerce Discount’, ‘Commerce Discount Extra’ and a ‘Workflow Rule’ to offer a 20% discount on the accessories, but only when an item of furniture exists in the cart.

This rule composes of:

  • EVENT: Calculating the sell price of a product.
    • Product Types: Furniture Accessories AND
    • Order Contains Products: [a list of SKUs of every furniture item I sell]
  • ACTIONS: [The name of the discount I set up in ‘Commerce Discount’] (which applies the 20% discount on any ‘Furniture Accessory’ products)

My problem is:

As soon as I add a piece of furniture to my cart, any furniture accessory product display price is discounted across the site. I’d like the prices to remain at full price when viewing the product display node, but only discounted once viewing the cart or the checkout process is underway.

It feels like their should be another Event, perhaps “Starting the checkout process” or “Viewing the cart”

How to find discounts for ferries from Oslo, Norway?

I heard that there are many discounts for ferry transfers to Copenhagen, Kiel and several other locations from Oslo. I monitored ferries such as DFDS, StenaLine but I have never been able to find or book trips on their official websites. Should I search elsewhere? Is there any channels that can help me to find free or cheap tickets for ferries from Oslo, Norway?

Software/App discounts

I use Shopify as a platform for my store, but since I am just starting and the money is tight I really look for good offers, cheap apps and discounts. Mainly from Shopify App store.
Can anyone share good input on this? Like what discounts u found that are redeemable.

I for email marketing use Omnisend, and found out they have a discount code for example. Since I really like their free trial it was easy to subscrbie to premium plan.
Here's the discount if anyone is interested: OMNI10…

Software/App discounts

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We are Thankful for you…Thanksgiving discounts on content and more