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How to help under-leveled players to enjoy a difficult dungeon?

I’m DM’ing my first D&D campaign using the 5th Edition Starter Kit. Our party consists of three people who have never played before, but picked up the game mechanics quickly and really enjoy it.

I would describe their playstyle as “exceptionally cautious.” Perhaps due to an early TPK (and revival by an NPC), they’ve taken up the following behaviors:

  • They move slowly and they deliberate every decision for minutes at a time
  • They never use the “front door” of a dungeon unless there’s no other way in
  • They often prefer to negotiate, persuade or intimidate rather than fight
  • They avoid areas that seem like trouble, even trouble they could probably handle
  • They don’t seem interested in any side quests

I don’t personally mind any of this, since they’re having fun and I enjoy the challenge of complicating and trying to raise the stakes of their carefully-laid plans. But in this particular campaign it seems like a deficiency. In the last two dungeons they played through, they managed to achieve their objectives and escape while ignoring over 50% of the rooms, monsters, and treasure that was available. More importantly, they missed out on a lot of XP. I think they’re unwittingly doing an “any%” run.

They’re currently heading toward the final dungeon, and the Lost Mine of Phandelver guide says that players below level 4 will struggle with some of the encounters in this dungeon. Should I:

  • Let them play the dungeon as-is and if they struggle, let them struggle? I worry there will be another TPK and they won’t understand why they did so poorly.
  • Warn them (e.g. through an NPC) that they aren’t strong enough to enter the dungeon, and nudge them toward some opportunities to gain XP?
  • Drop some monster encounters in their laps and try to make them level up? They’re not even close to level 4, so this could get tedious.
  • Nerf the monsters in the dungeon so the players can handle them?
  • Give them a free level-up so they’re properly equipped for the challenges to come? I did this once before and didn’t like it, it seemed to break the fairness of the game.

I’m also second-guessing the way I’ve been running the show. Should I have given them XP for rooms and fights they circumvented? Should I have made those encounters more difficult to avoid?

Does D&D just not work well for crafty, battle-shy characters?

Does VMX Root and VMX Non-root Ring 0 enjoy same hardware privilege? [migrated]

I have found following figure from a paper (Intel SGX Explained).

The privilege levels in the x86 architecture

According to this, VMX Root Ring 0 hypervisor enjoy more privilege than VMX Non-root Ring 0 OS Kernel. My question is: other than VMX-root and Non-root difference, as they both execute in Intel Architecture Ring 0 (same privilege level), do they also enjoy the same privilege from hardware points of view?

Sidebar Shopping Cart “Needed face lift” mod for Fluid… Enjoy…

Here is a simple Sidebar Shopping Cart "Needed face lift" mod.
Just need to add the css to your custom css section in parameters.
NO, file editing required… Let me know what you think…


.btn-default .fa{
#sidebar-basket-count {
.sidebar-basket-button {
margin-top: 3px;
.sidebar-basket-button .btn{
padding: 0px 0px;
margin-left: 109px;
background-color: #f5f5f5;
border: 0px solid transparent;

Sidebar Shopping Cart "Needed face lift" mod for Fluid… Enjoy…

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : Why do so many female pop artists enjoy being naked?

I’ve noticed that many women pop stars– whether its Madonna, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera,Britney Spears, or Miley Cyrus– often pose either partially or completely nude in promotional photos in either their music videos, single or album covers. What is their mentality behind doing this?