How do I get better at improvising city features?

A common situation is that the party is in a big city (maybe one you created yourself, maybe one from a published source) walking through the streets, just roaming around.

And then the question is asked: “What do I see?”

I always have trouble deciding what they see.

Most time I say a tavern, blacksmith or a clothes shop, but that feels very boring to me.

How can I get better at improvising shops and other facilities on the spot during city exploration, to increase the variety of description, and maybe open new possibilities for the party?

Set List Queue Deque Map these are Collection frameworks of Java but can anyone differentiate the unique features among each of them [on hold]

We are know Set List Deque Map Queue are all a part of java collection framework but can anyone please tell me how are the unique in terms of

  1. Memory management
  2. Fetching Data
  3. When is the particular data structure most appropriate
  4. Also drawbacks in why should we not use the particular data structure

ubuntu – custom cms in php – adding email features – need a simple way

so i've got my cms, which is now fully switched to the free couchdb JSON db architecture, and now supports users, groups, and photo and html files stored by either a group or a user.

now i want (and need to, by government regulations) to add email functionality to this setup.

i've done some googling, and the smartest thing that i've seen is to use an LDAP server for your user database, and an SMTP and IMAP server for outgoing and incoming email.

that way, with a php…

ubuntu – custom cms in php – adding email features – need a simple way

For a multiclassed cleric/wizard, can cleric class features be applied to my wizard spells, and vice versa?

I play a D&D 5e campaign. My Tempest Cleric is about to take his first multi-class dip into Wizard.

Am I able to use my Cleric class and domain features on my Wizard spells, and vice-versa? Both at the same time?


  • When I cast Shocking Grasp (Wizard spell), can I use my Channel Divinity: Destructive Wrath to maximize the lightning damage and then use Thunderbolt Strike (another domain feature) to cause the target to be pushed back 10 feet?
  • When I roll damage on the weapon attack made for Booming Blade (Wizard spell), can I also add the 1d8 or 2d8 Thunder damage from my domain’s Divine Strike feature to the total?
  • If I study the School of Abjuration, is my Arcane Ward replenished if I cast Freedom of Movement (Cleric abjuration spell, not on Wizard spell list)?
  • If I study the School of Evocation, can I cast Shatter (Cleric domain spell) and apply both Sculp Spell (Wizard School of Evocation feature) to avoid hitting my allies in the blast radius and ALSO use Channel Divinity: Destructive Wrath to maximize the thunder damage?

Are features that allow −5 to attack to get +10 to damage mathematically sound?

Some class features, monster traits, and feats allow you to take a −5 to your attack roll in order to gain a +10 to your damage roll. At first glance this looks really good, but when will it deal more damage than not using it on average?

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Ubuntu 16.04 desktop UI is broken/missing features

I’ve been living with an issue on my 16.04 VM that I believe started after upgrading some system packages – not exactly sure which. It’s hard to explain, but the UI in general is just a bit off, as if whatever UI package was not fully installed. A few examples:

  • Context menus do not highlight items when I hover
  • Console text colors are significantly different and not practical (Text is gray on a black background…)
  • There is no margin or border on certain menu items, the all just run together, ie AllSettingsAppearance. Hovering over the items does not highlight or give any indication they are clickable. The same for routes in the Files dialog.
  • Desktop background does not show (just black), though the system settings claims it is set

I can upload pics if my description is not sufficient.

I poked some in the obvious system settings, trying different themes to see if one would reset, but the issues persist. I would not be surprised if I screwed up a UI package somehow, is there something I can try reinstalling?

edit: I did try reinstalling unity, but I’m a little terrified to go too far. This is what I got:

sudo apt-get install unity  Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:  The following packages have unmet dependencies:  gnupg : Breaks: software-properties-common (<= but is to be installed E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages. 

Disable tracking location by app, and other privacy features

I own a macbook and a old Android phone that needs to be replaced. To protect my privacy i had installed X-Privacy on my phone. Among other things, this allowed me to turn off location tracking by applications that do not need location and that cannot be trusted with it, specifically Whatsapp.

I am thinking of buying a iphone next, but a second hand, because i do not need a flashy phone. It will be easier getting my pictures from the phone to the computer, if nothing else.

My questions are:

  1. From which version onwards does iphone support turning off location access by specific apps?
  2. What other privacy related features can i expect? For example can i prevent an application that does not need it from accessing my contacts?