How many primary/secondary attacks does a voidmind half-illithid/half-farspawn get?

Leaving aside how template stacking makes it unclear what the actual race/base creature should be–being half-illithid gives a creature four tentacles; being half-farspawn gives it up to four more, and being a voidmind creature grants one more psionic tentacle. Each template specifically says that it gets these in addition to its other natural weapons, though the voidmind template says that a creature uses its psionic tentacle "if the base creature doesn’t have natural weapons".

The creature becomes amorphous and extrudes its psionic tentacle, then makes a full attack using its tentacles. How many can hit in a round, and what are their attack penalties?

Displaying many ROC-curves

I did a classification using Classify. I sampled 20 times. To calculate the mean accuracy, etc., is easy. But is there also a way to overlay the calculated ROC curves? If one uses Overlay the output is not really pretty

enter image description here

I think it would be nice the overlay the graphs with decreasing opacity, so that one could see the different curves. I tried with Opacity but could not get it to work.

How many shortest paths are there from source to destination?

I am not sure if my question is clear or not to you. In fact this question is not clear to me. My university teacher has assigned this question to me.

Can you answer it? or need clarification like- if the graph is directed edged or not, if they are weighted or not, which algorithm will be used?

I have no such information. Only the question.

Common Client instead Many of them [closed]

I didn’t find any Appropriate place in stackexchange to ask my question. so sorry if my question is not exactly for this place. I use windows 10 and for gaming I have to use a lot of clients like Steam, origin, Epic ,… . Is any way for centalizing this clients? for eaxmple one common client instead of all of this or some apps to help? working and finding games in many clients are not easy work for me. thanks in advance

Are lights created by Dancing Lights spell one effect or many?

In a game I played recently our group encountered shadow drakes. What interests me is their Stigian Breath ability.

Stygian Breath (Su)
As a standard action, a shadow drake can exhale a ball of black liquid that explodes into a cloud of frigid black mist. This attack has a range of 60 feet and deals 2d6 points of cold damage (Reflex DC 12 half) to all creatures within a 5-foot-radius spread. The mist snuffs out light sources in the area effect, extinguishing nonmagical light sources and dispelling light spells of 1st level or lower[…]

With one use of this ability our DM dispelled my Dancing Lights, while, being "torch version", it didn’t fit into 5′ radius spread.

His reasoning was, the ability says it dispells a spell, not a light source.

I sayed, what gets dispelled is always an effect of the spell, not a spell, so it is important what number of lights fits into an area, created by Stigian Breath.

But then I realized, maybe all four lights are a single effect? Unlikely, but why not? We resumed play with all lights dispelled, but the question still stands.