Attribute value shows ‘no’ when it is ‘yes’ on category listing frontend Magento 2

I have a very strange issue with my store. I have an attribute (yes/no value) and when I echo the value on the listings page on the frontend of my Magento 2 store all products show the value as ‘no’.

Some of them are certainly set to yes and I have confirmed this in the admin panel.


<?php $  i=0; foreach ($  _productCollection as $  _product): $  i++ ?>             <?php $  clearClass = $  themeHelper->getClearClass($  perrow, $  i) ?>             <li class="item product product-item <?php if($  viewMode == 'grid'): ?> grid-template-<?php echo $  grid_tp ?> <?php echo $  colClass ?> <?php echo $  clearClass ?><?php endif ?>">                 <?php $  swatches = $  block->getProductDetailsHtml($  _product); ?>                 <?php $  wlDataPost = $  block->getAddToWishlistParams($  _product); ?>                 <?php $  fk = $  block->getBlockHtml('formkey') ?>                 <?php $  postParams = $  block->getAddToCartPostParams($  _product); ?>                 <?php $  review = $  block->getReviewsSummaryHtml($  _product, $  templateType); ?>                 <?php $  prdPrice = $  block->getProductPrice($  _product) ?>                  <?php echo $  this->getLayout()                                 ->createBlock('Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template')                                 ->setProduct($  _product)                                 ->setThemeHelper($  themeHelper)                                 ->setImageHelper($  _imagehelper)                                 ->setCatalogHelperOutput($  _helper)                                 ->setQuickViewHelper($  quickViewHelper)                                 ->setRatio($  ratio)                                 ->setSize($  size)                                 ->setCustomAttribute($  ct_attr)                                 ->setPadding($  padding)                                 ->setLazyLoadBaseImage($  baseImage)                                 ->setCompare($  showCompare)                                 ->setFk($  fk)                                 ->setPostParams($  postParams)                                 ->setReview($  review)                                 ->setPrdPrice($  prdPrice)                                 ->setWishList($  showWishList)                                 ->setLazyLoad($  lazyLoad)                                 ->setHoverChange($  change_img)                                 ->setWishListPost($  wlDataPost)                                 ->setTemplate($  templateFile)                                 ->setSwatches($  swatches)                                 ->setPos($  pos)                                 ->toHtml(); ?>                  //This is the specific piece of code to get the attribute                <?php echo $  _product->getAttributeText('can_buy') ; ?>              </li>         <?php endforeach; ?> 

Can anyone please suggest what may be happening here/a fix?

Thank you,


“No new release found” when upgrading from 16.04 to 18.04 LTS?

I’m trying to upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 LTS. When I go to do-release-upgrade, though, I get a message “no new release found.”

I’ve tried editing (or not editing) /update-manager/release-upgrades; I’ve tried do-release-upgrade -d; I’ve tried everything I could find on the internet.

One twist to this is that the server I’m trying to upgrade is behind a local mirror; that is, instead of downloading from ubuntu directly, it’s downloading from this local mirror; the server is behind a firewall of sorts. Are there special servers that need to be in sources.list for do-release-upgrade? I’m at a loss.

CUPS Printer not working on Ubuntu only: “No suitable Destination Host found by cups-browsed”

I am running Ubuntu 18.04.2 Desktop on my laptop.

I have installed CUPS to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. My Mac will consistently print to this printer without any problems.

From Ubuntu Desktop I am only able to print to the printer ~1 minute after a reboot of Ubuntu Desktop. After that time documents will not print.

When I visit ‘localhost:631’ from Ubuntu Desktop the status is listed as ‘Idle – “No suitable Destination Host found by cups-browsed”’ (see attached).

I have followed the instructions in the answer linked below, but it hasn’t stopped this bug.

Printer stopped working after upgrade 16.04 to 18.04

Images can be seen here

Horde/Kronolith “no free/busy url”

I’ve recently tried to setup the Horde Groupware 5.2.22 and I’m trying to setup the freebusy option for my calendar but I every time anybody added an event, it came up with an error

“Error retrieving free/busy information for user@domain: No free/busy URL found for user@domain”. 

I have used my IMAP server to do the authentication and I’ve my Address Book configured to look for my ldap.

How and where can I tell the Kronolith to look for the freebusy url?

I’ve the url in correct format “http://localhost/horde/kronolith/fb.php?u=username“ on my ldap .

Thank you.

¿no me imprime una imagen guardada en mi base de datos?

No se si mi codigo esta pobre o esta mal por lo que la imagen la guerde en blob o ¿es esta la forma?

<?php     include("conexion/conexion.php");     $  result = mysqli_query($  conexion,'SELECT * FROM noticias');      if ($  row = mysqli_fetch_array($  result)){         echo "<div style='color:black' border='1'> \n";          do{           echo "<h1>".$  row["titulo_noticia"]."</h1><br><img src=".$  row["fotos_noticia"]."/><br><h2>".$  row["subtitulo_noticia"]."</h2><br><p style='color:black'>".$  row["descripcion_noticia"]."</p><br><label style='color:black'>".$  row["autor_noticia"]."<br>".$  row["fecha"]."</label></div> \n";          }while($  row = mysqli_fetch_array($  result));      } else {          echo "¡ No se ha encontrado ningún registro !";      }  ?>