Do I have to hold the Power Jewel to use it?

Power Jewel (Advendurers Vault, p176):

Power ♦ Daily (Minor Action)
This power allows you to regain the use of an encounter power of 1st or 3rd level.

Do I have to get it from my backpack before using it?

What about items that are normally1 used, like a Whistle of Warning2?

  1. Normally meaning their mundane versions have some applications, as opposed to a Power Jewel
  2. Adventurer’s Vault 2, page 78: Encounter(Minor) Each ally within 10 squares of you who can hear the whistle can shift 1 square and draw a weapon or retrieve an implement as a free action.

For the Purpose of Detect Magic and Identify. Would a Magic item that ran out of power for the moment be considered a magic item?

If a magic item runs on "Magic Batteries" when the Item is out of power would it be considered a magic time for the purpose of the Identify and Detect Magic spell?

For example, I have a Mirror that shows through illusions, it has crystals around it that are destroyed as you used it, you can replace the crystals for more uses when it has no crystals, would it still be considered a magic item detectable by the spells?

Would the same work for items with charges that recharge at dawn? If the item has 0 charges and is not dawn yet, would it be still be considered a magic item?

Is Oblivion power Arms of Ahriman underwhelming or am I doing it wrong?

2-dot power Arms of Ahriman is the signature power of the Lasombra, allowing them to create shadow tentacles that attack their foes – except in V5 this power seems weaker than a punch.

The way I understand the power is as follows:

  1. Vampire makes a Rouse Check (possibly gaining a Stain from 1-10 rule).
  2. Vampire spends a whole round summoning shadowy tentacles. These have 3 health levels, can be hurt by bright light and attack using vampire’s Wits+Oblivion – but if there’s more than one tentacle this pool needs to be split using normal rules. The tentacles gain half Potence as bonus damage.
  3. On each subsequent round vampire can attack a foe to grapple, deal superficial damage etc. at distance, provided the arms can reach. The vampire can do nothing else or the power dissipates.

So the dice pool scales with Attribute+Discipline and gets half Potence as extra damage, requires a full round to activate, threatens Stains and prevents doing anything else. For comparison, throwing a punch scales with Attribute+Skill, gets full Potence as extra damage, can be split the same way, doesn’t threaten Stains, can’t be interrupted etc. Using a gun damages at range just like these tentacles, except it’s a flat +1-3 damage rather than depending on Potence.

This seems underwhelming for what is a 2-dot Amalgam with Potence 2. Signature Gangrel ability, Feral Claws, deals unhalved superficial damage at the same 2-dot place, with no downsides. This power is perhaps comparable to Dominate 2: Mesmerize, but even than doesn’t threaten Stains and has the extra power of triggering Compulsions.

I find it quite confusing as to why this power is so underwhelming. Am I reading it wrong? Am I missing something? I can’t believe this is what my favourite clan’s signature ability can do.

Grappling strike fighter power with brawler style – attack roll bonus

I (the DM) have a player with a level 11 fighter (brawler style). She uses the power "Grappling strike" (Martial Power 2 p7) with a bastard sword (+2), and we disagree on bonuses to attack roll.

The power states:

Hit: 1 [W] + Strength modifier damage, and you grab the target. The grab ends automatically at the end of your next turn.

And the brawler style (Martial Power 2 p6 with errata) states:

In addition, you gain a +2 enhancement bonus to the attack rolls of unarmed attacks and a +2 bonus to the attack rolls of grab attacks and attacks to move a creature you’re grabbing. These bonuses increase to +4 at 11th level and +6 at 21st level

She thinks the attack roll should have the brawler style bonus (+4 at level 11). But I think that bonus should not be counted, as it is for grab attack only, and grappling strike is an attack with just a grab effect/consequence.

I think the brawler style applies only to the grab action, describe in PHB 1, p290.

As English is not our native language, we may misunderstood this bonus.

A +4 bonus at level 11 seems a little overpowered for an at-will power, it can change:

1d20 + 17 (5 half level, 5 str, 3 proficiency, 2 alteration, 2 feat)


1d20 + 21

A standard monster has 25 AC (DMG 1, p184): she will hit on 4+!

Can you please tell us which understanding is right ?

What exactly is Helm of Brilliance’s “a sword of flame” power?

I don’t have the exact AD&D 2nd edition Dungeon Master’s Guide quote, but there is an item, Helm of Brilliance, which, among other things, allows the wearer to turn any sword to a sword of flame.

What is “a sword of flame” here, and more importantly where in the official rule books is it described?

If it isn’t actually described anywhere, is there any less official source on what this power of the Helm actually does? I’m looking for something to show to my DM.

Can I take a Skill Power before level 10 with a hybrid character?

Hybrid Characters, Gaining Additional Powers (PHB3 p135):

[…] However, if you have at least two poweers in the same category (at-will attack, encounter attack, daily attack, or utility), at least one of those powers must come from each of your hybrid classes.

Gaining and Using a Skill Power (PHB3 p164):

[…] Whenever you reach a level that grants you a utility power from your class, you can choose a skill power in place of a class power […]

Specific over general does not help here, as both are equally general (or specific).

If we go by the first, you need to have at least 1 from each of your classes, so only your third can be anything else, if by the second, any of your utilities can be a sill power.

Which is it? Can I take a Skill Power before level 10 with a hybrid character?

Can a PC take a utility skill power before level 6?

Having just reached level 4, I want my battlemind PC that’s just taken the feat Hero of the Faith (Divine Power 144)—picking the skill Streetwise—to retrain his level 2 battlemind utility power feather step to the level 2 skill power secrets of the city (Dragon #389 36). Player’s Handbook 3 on Gaining and Using a Skill Power, in part, says

You can gain and use only the skill powers associated with your trained skills. Whenever you reach a level that grants you a utility power from your class, you can choose a skill power in place of a class power. The skill power you choose must be of the same level as or lower in level than the class power you would have gained.

You can use retraining… to replace a class power with a skill power and vice versa, as long as the new power is of the same level as or lower in level than the replaced power. (164)

However, the Rules Compendium on Swapping Powers, in part, says

You might be given the option of swapping a class power for a power that is not from your character’s class [e.g. a skill power?]. You cannot make the swap if doing so would eliminate your character’s last class power of a particular type: utility power, at-will attack power, encounter attack power, or daily attack power. For instance, if your wizard has only one wizard utility power, you cannot swap that power for a nonwizard power. (90 and emphases mine)

Now, even though the skill power isn’t a battlemind power, I boldly assumed that the specific rules for skill powers overrode the general rules for swapping powers, so my battlemind was in the clear.

My confusion, though, comes from this thread that in 2017 has this question about this situation and received here the answer Yes, you can take the skill power at level 2 then received here the different answer No, you gotta wait until level 6. (To be extra murky, the Rules Compendium doesn’t acknowledge the existence of skill powers.)

Was this ever resolved? Is it okay for a level 2 character to take a utility skill power? (Or, in this case, for my level 4 character to retrain into one?) Or must a character wait until level 6 when he gets his second utility power to take his first utility skill power so that the character has one utility power from his class and a second utility skill power?

Is it possible to use the resources of a second computer to supplement the power for a principal one? [closed]

I’m using COMSOL to set up some models and I have two computers – one that is weak and has the license on and a second one which is very powerful and I would like to use the weak computer with the license to set up the model, the geometry, boundary conditions etc, and the second one for carrying the heavy stuff – the the computation. Are there any ways to do something like this? This questions is more general than just COMSOL. Is there any way to use the resources of a second computer to supplement the power of the first one?