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Amazon Affiliate Power Tools Website For Sale

Psion Power Point 3.5 question

I’m a bit confused by the below and just want to gain clarification. In the book it says,

Recent Manifesting Limit/Rest Interruptions If a psionic character has manifested powers recently, the drain on his resources reduces his capacity to regain power points. When he regains power points for the coming day, all power points he has used within the last 8 hours count against his daily limit.

Does this only count if you are interrupted during your rest or is this anytime you use Power Points within 8hrs before resting?

Can you spend a Power Point to add a power to a premade Array of Powers?

We have finally played our first session in Mutants and Masterminds 3e, a premade module that at the end of it, offered to each of my players 3 Power Points to spend and power up their characters. My question is about the manner that they are going to spend these points:

Can they spend one point to add a power to a premade Array of Powers, or is this only available in the character creation step? (The 1 point cost for adding a new Alternate Power to an array).

If the answer is that they cannot add a new effect to a premade array, do they have to spend full cost on the new power?

What are the drawbacks of this Varible Summon power?

I’m just futzing around with Mutants and Masterminds 3e again and had an idea for a magic user. my thought was that they’d carry around a spellbook that they would reference to prepare their casts for the day (as Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons), resulting in a device that had a variable array focused on creating triggered powers. If they didn’t prepare beforehand, or they left some free “slots” for flexibility, they’d have to burn a round or two (depending on the reading) to reference the power in-field before doing anything else.

My issue revolves around Varible Summon powers; there are a number of things that I am not sure about concerning how expensive that would be, as well as some other particulars.

Firstly, is this even possible? the Triggered extra states that it needs to be an Instant duration effect and im not sure if there was some way to modify summon to have it fit or if this was something I needed GM approval for.

And Secondly, are there any drawbacks that I’m missing? The thing about Variable is that it’s a sustained effect, which may mean that the powers I’m stacking on top of myself are under the same limitations. Would this mean that I’d loose all my prepared spells if I couldn’t take a free action?

Does polymorph and power word kill instakill? [duplicate]

I have read that the polymorph and power word kill combo can be annoying for DM’s but I’m confused on why it works. In the description for polymorph it states:

The transformation lasts for the Duration, or until the target drops to 0 Hit Points or dies.

Shouldn’t when it dies from power word kill it should revert back to it’s normal form with it’s normal hit points?

As a DM, how do you adjust the difficulty to create challenging encounters when your party is well constructed (aka Power Players)

I am a newbie DM and started mastering because our current master was too lazy to bring a nice and engaging story.

I am doing really good on the role playing and storytelling, but my encounters had been nothing more than some fun for my player’s characters. I even edited some foes stats and used some high CL creatures, but it still looks like stealing candy from a kid to them.

I guess this is what you pay for allowing 3 spellcasters on your party on 3.5.

How do I balance this campaign without sending a demon from another realm that destroys magic around him and frustrating the players?

What is the logic or fallacy behind the Perpetual Power Point trick?

The Perpetual Power Point trick uses two feats.

The first is Azure Talent (which grants 1:2 ratio of incarnum in for double the power points out) per point of incarnum invested. When essentia is invested, the feat locks for the day, as usual for an incarnum receptacle.

The second is Psycarnum Infusion (which allows one to expend psionic focus in exchange for treating one incarnum receptacle as if it had maximum incarnum until the beginning of your next turn.

The idea is to then refocus and repeat, probably with the Mediation feat to reduce the time.

In theory, this means a small but almost perpetual supply of power points.

Thus, what is the logic (it works) or fallacy (it doesn’t) behind this Perpetual Power Point trick?

Sckit regression on power set of data

How do I run linear regression on every subset of dataframe in a loop with Linear Regression of scikit-learn?

    def sub_lists(list1):   sublist = [[]]    for i in range(len(list1) + 1):          for j in range(i + 1, len(list1) + 1):              sub = list1[i:j]              sublist.append(sub)              return sublist  X = sub_lists(df5);y = df4;  

I ran regression on this however it keeps on throwing error, its a .dta(stata) file.

Swarm Concealment power issues

I’m trying to use a swarm of insects as a Concealment effect, making the insects flying around the enemies and not let them see or hear (due to the buzz sound). but I faced some issues.

Concealment has a Personal range, so it will only work on me. To affect others, I should use Affect Others or Attack. Affect Others make it possible for others to disable the effect at will, which is not what I have in mind. Attack is imposing, but it has a problem: the power does not work on me anymore. I would need to buy Concealment again and maybe link it to use both versions of Concealment at the same time. A ranged or perception range should adjust the power to not need to touch in close range the others.

But here is the issue: Concealment controls who’s been concealed, but not who’s gonna have their senses affected. The concept of a swarm to block senses lies on this premise, that you choose who is going to be affected by the swarm and not who is going to be concealed. In other words, Concealment concealed some people from everyone, but my effect seems to be the opposite: you blind the senses of some people to prevent them from sensing everyone.

How can I build such power effect?