Solar Power Calculations

Good Afternoon, I have calculated the Incident beam radiation for a given locations local sunlight hours.

Rise = Sunrise[GeoPosition[{57.7053, -3.33917}],     DateRange[DateObject[{2019, 1, 1}], DateObject[{2019, 12, 31}]]]; Sunrises = DateString[#, {"Hour", "Minute"}] & /@ Rise["Values"] Sets = Sunset[GeoPosition[{57.7053, -3.33917}],     DateRange[DateObject[{2019, 1, 1}], DateObject[{2019, 12, 31}]]]; Sunsets = DateString[#, {"Hour", "Minute"}] & /@ Sets["Values"];   Sunrises[[1]] Sunsets[[1]]  n = Table[0 + i, {i, 1, 1}];(*Days of the Year*)  LSH = Table[i + 0.01, {i, 8.93, 15.616667, 0.01}]; (*Local Solar Hour*) H = 360/24*(LSH - 12);(*Hour Angle*) L = 57.7053;(*Latitude*)  \[Delta] =   23.45*Sin[360/365*(n - 81) Degree](*Solar Declination of the sun*);  \[Beta] = (Cos[L Degree]*Cos[First[\[Delta]] Degree ]*  Cos[H Degree ]) + ((Sin[L Degree]*Sin[First[\[Delta]] Degree]));  Arc\[Beta] = ArcSin[\[Beta] ]*180/Pi; A = 1160 + 75 Sin[360/365*(n - 275) Degree](*Extraterrestial Flux*);  m = 1/(Sin[  Arc\[Beta] Degree])(*Air Mass Ratio for every hour of the day*); k = 0.174 + 0.035*Sin[360/365*(n - 100) Degree];(*Optical Depth*)  IB = First[A]*E^(-First[k]*m); (*Direct Beam radiation Wm^-2*) test = Transpose[{LSH, IB}];  ListLinePlot[test, PlotRange -> {{8.5, 16}, {0, 600}}] 

From the ListLinePlot, it should show solar radiation for the daylight hours of the location. Where sunrise is 0856 and sunset is 1537 (Considering time of year) However the graph shows a sudden increase before the given sunset time where the graph should have a bell shape resemblence between 0856 and 1537(8.933333 and 15.616667 in numerical format) I’ve been going over this code for days trying to solve this so any help would be appreciated.


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