Can’t grep price in downloaded webpage

Using wget I downloaded this webpage:

Walmart Website.png

With the command:

RobWebsiteAddress="" DownloadName="Ejoyous1" wget -O- -q --user-agent=AGENT "$  RobWebAddress" > "$  DownloadName" 

When I try to open the file in gedit it goes crazy.

When I use:

grep -i 23.31 Ejoyous1 | wc       0       0       0 

The price isn’t found. If I grep on the word price I get one long line of 146,329 characters returned which is probably what drove gedit crazy:

$   grep -i price Ejoyous1 | wc       1    6292  146329 

Within the .5 MB file is some hints:

$   grep -i necolas Ejoyous1 /*! normalize.css v8.0.0 | MIT License | */ 

As you can tell this is from Walmart’s website. I have no problem getting Costco’s pricing and Ikea’s pricing by simply downloading the webpage with wget and grepping it. I also have no problem viewing the downloaded files from Costco or Ikea with gedit.

How can I interpret this language if it’s a derivative of HTML? What tools should I use? Any clues to get on the right path?

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Calculate price and display on woocommerce product single page under price (simple price, variable price)

I am planing to show a new price on my woo-commerce product page for all products. This is the installment price per month. I need to show this below the normal price (variable price and simple price) something like this.

0% interest installments starting from Rs.3,093

where Rs.3,093 is the new price.

this is the calculation i tried on W3 schools, and i got the calculation correct.

whereas 60000 is the price of the product multiplied by this number 5.15464 divided by 100

answer is 3,093 (answer should be rounded off to the nearest integer)

I need a custom function for this where i can add to my functions.php

<script>var x = myFunction(60000, 5.15464, 100); function myFunction(a, b, c) { return Math.round (a * b / c);}</script> 

How to get the price of this JSON products to be exibihited on my html in a dropdown list?

I have this JSON table that I need to add on my HTML as a dropdown list and when the chosen product is selected, It shows its price and shows a buttons to simulate a shopping procedure (increase items in the add button and decrease in the other – as if I was choosing to buy a certain quantity and those that are multiple of 2 will just be bought in pairs and the multiple of 5 will just be bought 5 at a time like, 5, 10, 15.. as the multiple of 10.)

I am trying to do this interactivity with javascript. Can someone help me?

I just want to simulate a shopping where I can choose the quantity of my product and the price will be shown as a total according to this quantity.

[    {       "price":550000,       "multiple":1,       "id":"1",       "name":"Millenium Falcon"    },    {       "price":60000,       "multiple":2,       "id":"2",       "name":"X-Wing"    },    {       "price":4570000,       "multiple":1,       "id":"3",       "name":"Super Star Destroyer"    },    {       "price":75000,       "multiple":2,       "id":"4",       "name":"TIE Fighter"    },    {       "price":6000,       "multiple":5,       "id":"5",       "name":"Lightsaber"    },    {       "price":5800,       "multiple":1,       "id":"6",       "name":"DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle"    },    {       "price":1500,       "multiple":10,       "id":"7",       "name":"DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol"    } ] 

Magento 2 – Widget Products List sort by price

I list some products in my homepage:

{{widget type="Magento\CatalogWidget\Block\Product\ProductsList" show_pager="0" products_count="8" template="Magento_CatalogWidget::product/widget/content/grid.phtml" conditions_encoded="^[`1`:^[`type`:`Magento||CatalogWidget||Model||Rule||Condition||Combine`,`aggregator`:`all`,`value`:`1`,`new_child`:``^]^]"}} 

and I don’t know how the products are listed? I need to sort this products by price low to high,is there anyway to made this?

Thank you

How can i trigger a shipping method price change based on street address?

I have this code to trigger a change in a shipping method price:


define(     [],     function () {         'use strict';         return {             getRules: function() {                 return {                     'country_id': {                         'required': true                     },                     'region_id': {                         'required': true                     },                     'street': {                         'required': true                     }                 };             }         };     } ) 

Both country_id and region_id trigger a reload for the shipping method but street is not doing so.