Cylinder Load Cells price

YINUO Electronics China service center is a wholly owned subsidiary of Taiwan YINUO Electronics industry Co., Ltd in mainland China. The company locates in Ningbo Yinzhou industrial zone, which has professional technical team, excellent design ability, strict quality control and best customer service.
Our main products include force gauges, torque testers, test stands, torque sensors and various special testing equipment, which have been widely used in all kinds of home appliances, IT enterprises, wires and cables, motors, electrical appliances, instruments and meters, transformers, beverages, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, rail transit, aerospace and other industries.
In order to facilitate customers to obtain our products and services, we have set up offices and distribution points in key cities in mainland China. Meanwhile, we are also constantly developing overseas markets, and have already built extensive cooperation with world well-known manufacturers. Our products have exported to Taiwan, South Korea,Europe and the United States etc.
Adhering to the enterprise philosophy of “excellent quality, customer first, continuous innovation”, YINUO will be committed to improving the technical innovation and providing better service for our clients.Cylinder Load Cells price

Price Comparison Site

Why are you selling this site?
Basically I lost my job earlier this year so set this site up, I had previous experience of price comparison sites. I really need the money to pay off debt. I have done little to no work on this site, the value I believe is in the domain name, and the setup. The sale will also include the domain

How is it monetized?

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

Price Comparison Site

Trading Auction – Need help with calculating price / quantity of restricted underlying securities for matching

I’m having some difficulty with implementing a non-brute force algorithm for solving the following Problem. If I can get something even close to O(N^3) i’d be happy at this point.


I have an algorithm in place that can do a generic Auction (accumulating bids and offers over a fixed period of time, leading up to an event whereby bids and offers are matched to determine a reference price (the price securities are sold at in the auction)however we’ve just implemented a level of complexity that is throwing me for a loop.

We have a security with underlying shares that contain restrictions on who can own them. During an auction, we need to ensure that buyers can only buy shares they’re allowed based on the underlying restriction.


Security: Foo -Class A Shares -Class B Shares -Class C Shares

Buy Orders

  1. John can only buy Class A and Class B (Wants to buy 500 at $ 1.50)

  2. Sally can only buy Class B, and Class C (Wants to buy 300 at $ 1.52)

  3. Joel can buy any class. ((Wants to buy 200 @ 1.49)

Sell Orders

  1. Xavier owns 500 (200 Class A, 300 class B) and is selling 400 at $ 1.42

  2. Jennifer owns 1000 shares (800 Class B, 200 class C) and is selling 650 at $ 1.50

  3. Martha owns 1500 shares (300 Class A, 1200 class C) and is selling 400 at $ 1.52

The goal is trying to find the price point where the most shares can be sold, while making sure that we’re filling all orders that can be filled.

I’ve ran through multiple scenarios on calculating it from a price perspective, and the underlying class perspective, calculating the # of shares that can be sold at each price point, but I’m at a blank as each way I do it, i find I’m missing shares that could be traded.

Example: The following illustrates (when we have a correct price) that we also need to match buyer & seller using the most restricted / least tradable security so we match those who can’t trade with much first, then go for those that are less restricted.

enter image description here

The above isn’t hard to solve, it’s getting to that point, to figure out the best price and tradeable amount.

Any thoughts or ideas on this?

What would be the price of Adamantine Plate armor?

I’m already aware, as per Are there price lists for magic items, such as the Bag of Holding?, that 5e was designed with the assumption that magic items are not to be bought or sold willy-nilly. This doesn’t happen to be true in my setting.

I’m also aware, as per Do magic items really cost at least as much to create as they do to purchase?, that crafting new magical items is not a worthwhile effort in settings where magic items can be purchased – creating an item is more expensive than outright buying it.

My issue is different: What if the value of a non-magic item is higher than its magic equivalent? In my specific case, I had an issue with the price of Adamantine Plate Armor and the price of regular, unenhanced Plate Armor. DMG page 135 sets up price ranges for categories of items: Uncommon items would be priced in the 101-500 gp range. Adamantine Armor, which can be any sort of Medium or Heavy armor apart from Hide, is one such item. But Plate armor (which is a sort of Heavy armor) costs 1500 gp (according to PHB page 145).

My ruling on the spot was that the 101-500 gp range was for the reinforcement only, and not for the armor itself, and thus the Adamantine Plate armor would be priced at around 2000 gp. Is there another way of coming to an answer that I didn’t consider?

Rubber Lined Slurry Pump price

Our History
The Prequel
● The first story
In 1980s, Shijiazhuang pump works had introduced the advanced slurry pump technology, which has been the base of the R&D institute of slurry pump.
● Market development
In 1990s, the new slurry pumps technology spread all over the country in the main industries, such as mining, metallurgy, chemistry, power plant and dredging.
● New pump design for power plant
In 1996, the pump series EZ had been designed and manufactured, which was used for the light abrasive medium in power plant and tailings transportation.
● New pump design for mining industry
In 1997, the pump series EZG had been designed and produced for the delivery of abrasive slurry in high head application.
● Service position
In 1998, we built a branch company specialized for application service in the domestic market, which helps our clients to get the fast and professional directions and maintenance services.
● Service in China
In September 2004, we established 7 service centers covering 5 mining area in China.
International Steps
● The first step
In April 2005, we started to enter the international market with the first order in Hungary from Europe.
● Team building
In August 2006, we formed the first international team for the service of international market.
● Market Strategy confirmation
In May 2007, we got more and more confidence and support from market feedback. These also helped us build the basic international market strategy.
● Team development
In March, 2008, we established Beijing office for international business on 10th, Mar. Here we gathered the talented team worker and new concept for the overseas market.
● Market feedback
In June 2008, we were invited to visit our clients in Europe to know more about the market request and we offered service at site. Excellence’s service was acknowledged by local users.
● Exhibition marketing tactics
In November 2008, we joined the China International Mining Exhibition in Beijing to show our products and services.
● Global market
Till December 2008, we had offered our products and service to USA, Canada, Chile, Tunis, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Israel, Indonesia and Philippines.
● New material research
In October 2009, we had invested to study the non-metal material for anti-abrasion with China Oil University and Kunming Science and Technology University and get the extreme distribution of the mixture of polymer and Silicon Carbon from lots of tests.
● Service localization
In 2009, with the local service requests of clients, we had established the business agent relationship with the clients from 15 countries.
● New structure design
In January 2010, we got the first request of the new pump design based on the fixed technical parameters in overseas market.
● Research and study
In June 2010, we had signed a contract with Tsinghua University for mutual research and study of the new slurry pump generation.
● International project
In November 2010, we got the project Sungun Molybedinum Plant for Cu-Mo minerals processing.
● Technology innovation
In May 2011, we finished the first batch of design for the new hydraulic model and pump structure.
● International cooperation
In December 2011, we had built the cooperation with the agents from 37 countries in 6 Continents.
● Technology progress
In March 2012, we reached the agreement with Jiangsu University for the improvement of pump hydraulic design and structure.
● Business Internationalization
In 2012, we joined 8 mining equipment exhibitions, finished 17 international projects and visited 31 main end users in 9 countries.
New Journey
● Market position
In April 2013, we confirmed that Excellence service the clients who need professional solutions of the slurry pump applications.
●Cooperation & mutual benefits
In July 2013, we worked with the mining engineering company at home and abroad for EPC and EPCM projects.
To be Continued
Our Factory
Professional Slurry Pump Solutions for you !
Excellence technicians would get the exact technical data for pump selection according to the original parameters of the equipments, pipes, slurry properties.
Excellence has various pump models and materials of wet parts available covering various site working conditions. Our engineer would select the most suitable pump in light of efficiency, life, installation, maintenance, etc.
Excellence has established institution to provide package services for slurry transporting projects including mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal washery, power plant, dredging, building material and so on.
Excellence would guide installation at site and train workers for maintenance. With 37 distributors and agent in over 60 countries over the world, our local agent could assist you in the first time if anything urgent.
Product Application
Mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal washery, power plant, dredging
Our Certificate
Production Market
● Coal Washery Project
Application:Tailing pump
Pump Configuration:EVHM-4RV, EGM-6S
● Project Description
With about 57.5 billion tons of coal reserve (industrial economic reserves of 39.7 billion tons), Australia’s coal production and export are sixth in the world, following the United States, Russia, China, India and South Africa. And its coal is of high quality with high calorific value, low sulfur, nitrogen content and low ash.
1. Vertical pump
Flow: 100l/s Head: 55m
2. Horizontal pump
Flow: 150l/s Head: 75m
Excellence engineer has provided the several pump models most suitable for the application according to site working conditions.
Pump model:
Vertical pump: EVHM-4RV (The packing seal was added and the submersible length was 1.2m.)
Horizontal pump: EGM-6S
The customer is very satisfied with the solution, and gives us positive feedback. They have sent us the site picture as reference. The pumps have been smoothly running for 3 years.
Coal Washing Project
Application:Coal Washing
Pump Configuration:The Whole Project
Project Description
Q: 450m³/hH: 30m
Q: 216³/hH: 40m
Q: 108m³/hH: 40m
Excellence has provided three varied pump models according to customer’s demand.
Pump model: EHM-6R, EHM-4D, EHM-3C
Our management team and engineers have been to the coal washing plant for on-site training and maintenance.
Excellence engineer went to the coal washing site to help eliminate water leakage problem. After careful examination, he successfully discovered that the seal water pressure was not enough. The leakage is solved by increasing the seal water pressure and amount.
Copper Concentration Project
Application:The Whole Project
Pump Configuration:EHM-4X,65EZL-30,80EZL-36,50EZ-A33,EHR-4X,
Project Description
Copper is mainly distributed in central Africa, especially in Zambia. Zambia is nicknamed as “the kingdom of copper”, accounting for around 6% of world’s detected copper reserves. Large in reserve, the copper ores in Zambia is also of high grade, and it is the fourth largest copper producer and the copper mining has boosted local economic for a long time. Besides Zambia, Congo is also rich in copper resources. Copper reserve in Congo and Zambia is as high as 22 million tons, accounting for 83% of the total copper reserve in Africa.
We are in charge of the slurry pump solution of a client’s newly invested copper concentration project. With years of experience, our client is in the leading position in mining field. The solution has successfully lived up to the expected daily output is 1000 tons. So far, we have provided 35 pumps and spare parts for one year.
Excellence engineers have come up with the optimal solution in light of parameters, efficiency and maintenance.
In the consideration of coming project initiation date, we advanced our delivery date to spare enough time for client to arrange production schedule. In addition, Excellence engineer went to Africa to give installation guidance in accordance with contract.
See the website for details. Lined Slurry Pump price

Polished Aluminum Sheet price

Mirror surface aluminum sheet and coil
polished process for high quality aluminum coil, ensure the reflective rate high.
High quality aluminum coil:
Good reflective rateBlue film protectSuitable packing for export
What is the MOQ for each size?
The MOQ is 8 tons, if the quantity is lower than this, please contact with us to check the possibility.
What is the ETD?
Normally the ETD is 30 days after order confirmation;
Payment term
Need to contact with salesPolished Aluminum Sheet price

Why does price change in second page in many apps

In food delivery apps and cab aggregator apps there is price difference in India.

In food apps – I add the items from restaurant menu. it shows total of 240 rs. I navigate to place order page. All the additional charges and taxes are shown now.

In cab aggregator apps they show a price in first page and when you chose a particular category or variant and proceed to the second page all the taxes and deposits and other fares get added and price gets inflated.

Isn’t this a dark pattern? As a user I often feel misled and confused with this kind of pricing tactics. Is it just me or anyone else feels the same? So the question is why does the industry practice this? I have some theories, but I am interested in knowing what others think.

Number of data points on stock price chart

We’re creating a graph where customers can see development of security price over time. We’re going to use a line chart with which the user can interact by tap/hold gesture to see different data points and their values on the graph.

Question is – how many data points does it make sense to have on the graph to still have it usable? If we’re talking a data point per week for 5 years that’s 5*52=260 points which seems like a lot for mobile device to interact with (especially on smaller devices like iPhone 5/SE, etc).

However reducing data points makes the graph less granular (which depending on user/use cases might be okay). Any suggestions on how to approach this?

Many thanks!