Unable to use Google Drive (File Stream, et. al.) while using Google Private Access

I’m using the instructions listed here: https://cloud.google.com/vpc/docs/configure-private-google-access-hybrid

I am able to reach VM’s in my google private network from my on-premise network so I know my peering is setup correctly, but after I did the DNS redirect all clients using that DNS server were no longer able to use Google Drive. G suite support wasn’t any help.

The logs in Google Drive Stream point to failure to reach www.googleapis.com/upload/drive

I am advertising the route and pinging www.googleapis.com resolves it to restricted.googleapis.com ( (no icmp response)

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Mojave: Generate SSH key with old private key format

After I fresh installed Mojave, when I generate a new SSH key it uses the new OpenSSH protocol 2 format private key.

The ID_RSA file starts with “BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY”, even if I run ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "my@email.com"

According to the ssh-keygen main page, the BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY file type is generated by specifying either the -o command line option or creating an ed25519 key type.

How can I create a private key using the old format?

Shopify Plugin + API (Zero-fees, Instant, Private, Cryptocurrency)

Merchant Cryptocurrency Payments

I'm part of a team of Blockchain experts. We created a very competitive cryptocurrency that gained a lot of popularity and achieved many milestones in the first year. We created a unique cryptocurrency that is privacy oriented with instant payments. The code is open-source and the Blockchain is decentralized and secure with our selection of x13 algorithms. Payments are instant and available for spending after only 1 confirmation (or 48 seconds).


Shopify Plugin + API (Zero-fees, Instant, Private, Cryptocurrency)

How do you set private keys in putty enmasse in Windows?

In line with this question…if you have a large number of hosts, and a large number of users who service these hosts, how do you set the private keys for these hosts enmasse across the users who connect to them with putty? So that you don’t have to risk the ‘trust of first use’ attacks.

I’m sure it probably has something to do with putty agent, but I’m uncertain what needs to be done.

Sweeping Private Key With Electrum

From Electrum’s documentation, the following should sweep all private keys to a new address:

electrum listaddresses --funded | electrum getprivatekeys - | jq 'map(.[0])' | electrum sweep - [destination address] 

Is there any way to enter a WIF key into the command line to specify it directly? The address I’m wanting to sweep isn’t in my Electrum.

For example, let’s say this is the private key (never use this): L3ei8Zdu3eVRxMifD8XFN14jofv25ME51AhTzJr999dazxrWZMrZ

And this is the address I want the coins swept to: 1KdcMcRXNTBYT5BnHcmFHuYvvdWGsPnnwb

Assume that neither the sending nor receiving address is in my Electrum wallet.

What would I need to enter in Electrum command-line?

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