New more extensive reliability test for proxy

Hi @Sven, I am placing this discussion in the SER category but it could also be for Gsa Proxy Scraper.
I thinking about this for several days. Every time I test (public) proxies with Bing tests and use them in SER, 90% burns in a few minutes.
They are not that they get banned by the search engine because I do not use them to scrape, the listings are imported.
I know our IP can be banned by proxies after a few uses but in my opinion it is not that, 90% is too much.
I think we should add another test, a test that tests the sending and receiving of data for each proxy.
For the downlnoad, downloading a photo for example would suffice but for the upload? Something must be found.
I also appeal to all members who read this post. What could we use heavily enough to do an upload/download test?
I’m thinking for example is file sharing sites for example … Of course, the test could also be done for download right after.
Of course, an anonymity test to be carried out before or after is mandatory :

A proxy whose upload and download have been tested beforehand would be much less inclined to burn under load.

Proxy Problem

So I’ve just returned to using GSA after around 2 years break from it. 
I am having a problem though with my proxies. 
I have 25 Private Proxies (private not semi) from ViperProxy and just running 100 threads on my GSA.

Now problem is this proxies is not passing google test in GSA. What’s funny is this is the 3rd time ViperProxy replaced this proxies for me and results are still the same.

When I first order 25 proxies from ViperProxy, I wasn’t able to immediately use them cause I was still setting up my GSA. I was able to test the proxies after 2 days of receiving it and result is the same as in the pic above.

So I contacted their support to ask about this issue and they replaced the proxies. After 5 days all proxies are already red against google test and I emailed them again. Now they gave me new 25 new ones and the pic above is the result.

I emailed them if they can give me a google passed proxy and this is their response:
“Hello Sir, Already our support team check in search 100% working fine.”

So I suspect they don’t have any plans of giving me new ones.

Sorry for the long intro but here’s my question:
1. Is that normal? I mean GSA showing proxies not passing google test but in reality everything is ok with the proxy it’s just GSA checker having a problem?
2. Anyone have experience with ViperProxy?
3. GSA Ser proxy checker is telling the truth and I should change proxy provider?

GSA Proxy Scraper Automatic Export Filter by Type


could you add the feature to automatic export the Proxies by Type? So atm it will save all the working Proxies in a single file in my example a .txt file. But it would be great if there is the function to save the working Proxies by Type so there would be multiple Output files like Socks5.txt, Socks4.txt, Web.txt and Connect.txt

WP_List_Table $current_url points to my actual host rather than the reverse proxy host

I am a novice on the wordpress framework and I am currently using wordpress behind a reverse proxy. Like follows.

Reverse Proxy Domain =
My actual Domain =

Issue :

  • In wp-admin dashboard when i try to filter posts like orderby date or comments etc in the admin panel. I get a 404 page.
  • Thats because the links are pointing to my actual host ie rather than my reverse proxy which is

Reason :

  • This seems to be because of the $ current_url attribute wp_list_table which is called from wp-admin/edit.php

  • The current url is defined as follows

    $  current_url = set_url_scheme( 'http://' . $  _SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $  _SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] );
  • I came across a very old bug/issue from wordpress , which seems to address this very same problem.

  • It essentially uses a self_admin_url to overcome this issue.

  • The above mentioned patch ( is not available on 5.5.3 (LTS).However the self_admin_url method is available under wp-admin/includes.

Question :

  • How do i change this $ current_url to use self_admin_url().? Should i override $ _Server[‘HTTP_HOST’] in wp-config ? or what is the best practise to change things like this .

  • Or is there a better way to ensure my admin links point to my proxy host rather than my actual host ?

Thanks in advance.

Fiddler as proxy – and how to clone WordPres locally for testing

I got my local setup working under In order to overwrite my server default domain I added locally this to my wp-config.php file:

define('WP_HOME',''); define('WP_SITEURL',''); define('FORCE_SSL_LOGIN',false); define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN',false); 

In my Fiddler Web Debugger script I am using this to redirect my browser request to my domain name, to instead go to my local setup:

if (oSession.HostnameIs("")){     oSession.bypassGateway = true;     if (oSession.HTTPMethodIs("CONNECT")){         oSession["x-replywithtunnel"] = "FakeTunnel";         return;     }       oSession["x-overrideHost"] = "";     oSession.fullUrl = "" + oSession.PathAndQuery; } 

How can I get WordPress returned page to be rewritten before it gets sent do the browser from to; and from http:// to https://? Or is there a smarter way to go about all of this within WordPress?

I tried this in my Fiddler Script but it is not working:

if oSession.oResponse.headers.ExistsAndContains("Content-Type","text/html")){     oSession.utilDecodeResponse();     oSession.utilReplaceInResponse('http://','https://');     oSession.utilReplaceInResponse('',''); } 

I suppose I could setup an Apache proxy rewrite for the pages that get returned, but I am not sure how to go about this.