Reverse proxy for a 3rd party web app

I have a small home server that I use to run various web apps using Docker. I would like to be able to access each of these services on a unique path. This works fine for simple things (like a small website) using nginx proxy_pass, however, when I try to setup something similar for a more complex application it doesn’t work.

For example, I’m trying to run Home Assistant and would like to access it on [ip_address]/homeassistant/, so I configured nginx with variations of

location /homeassistant/ {     proxy_pass http://homeassistant:8123/; } 

but either get 502 error or it simply fails as soon as it tries to open a new page (stops using the /homeassistant).

Is this behaviour impossible without manually configuring Home Assistant to use /homeassistant or am I simply doing something wrong?

Is My Real IP Addresse Guaranteed Not To Be Leaked If Setting A Windows 10 System Wide Proxy?

For Example If I Am Using A Free VPN(I know vpn and proxy not the same) it sometimes looses the connection and for this short amount of time my real IP is exposed, before connecting again.

Does this occur if using the official Windows 10 options for proxy?

Settings -> Network & Internet -> Proxy


Internetoptions -> “Connections” -> “LAN-Settings”->“Extended Options”

If yes can I somehow prevent it from doing so.

Is using a VPN or Proxy the only explanation for a wrong location being displayed?

My boyfriend is using an iPhone XS Max. He is in Johor, Malaysia, but his last active session displays that he is in Kuala Lumpur. He told me that he is in Johor, and he said the only reason why it’s displaying a wrong location is due to it possibly using a VPN or Proxy. Is this true? Or are there other reasons why it could show a wrong location?

Force proxy to be used by all of my android applications

As mentioned in the title I’m looking forward to forcing some applications on my phone to use a proxy whom certificate in installed on my phone. Some applications (like Instagram, youtube …etc) are using this proxy and I can sniff the communication between my phone and the proxy.

To make this work I need to use root permissions on my android. I found an app that may help me do this, but I want to use the terminal to achieve this.

Any ideas that could help me would be appreciated.

Cannot send Skype messages with Charles Proxy open

I’m using Charles Proxy, current version (4.2.8) on Windows 10, and cannot send any Skype messages if Charles Proxy is open.

I’m used to Charles Proxy and have checked the obvious options (blacklist, rewrites, mappings, etc), even though I don’t think skype messages go through http(s)… ?

I can open webpages and inspect their traffic. With Skype I can receive messages and make calls. Just can’t send any messages, they remain infinite loading.

If I disable the proxy through the windows settings it starts to work, but as soon as it is enabled, starts to fail again.

I’ve tried to re-install Charles, including deleting the settings file from %appdata% to make sure all the settings are reset, but to no avail. I also tried older Charles and Skype versions, all with the same behavior. Turning off the windows firewall didn’t help either.

Does anyone have an idea of what the problem might be?

it is not possible to connect to an ftp server through a proxy

I am trying to establish a connection to an FTP server of a client, they have provided me the credentials of a poxy and the credentials of the ftp connection, when I connect I get the message ‘Connection established, waiting for welcome message …’ and some time later ‘Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity’ and ‘Could not connect to server’. I have read several articles commenting on this, I have tried to leave the encryption to plain text, mark the transfer mode to Passive. but I still can not establish the connection.

Attached some screenshots of the configuration that I tried

ftp site

enter image description here

ftp proxy settings

enter image description here

I mention that in the proxy configuration the host is defined similar to this form

I do not know if this is relevant but I want to leave the most information here.

Log message

enter image description here

Thank you for your advices

Can upgrading the timeout for my proxy pass in Nginx and Gunicorn cause any problems?

I’m going to add these configuration:

proxy_connect_timeout 300s; proxy_read_timeout 300s; 

and for Gunicorn:

gunicorn_django -D -b --workers=5 --pid=/var/webapp/ --settings=settings.production --timeout 300 --pythonpath=/var/webapp/campus/ 

Can this cause any problems I do not know about?

(Additional context)

How to Unset the proxy from Windows command prompt permanently?

I have set the proxy in my Windsows 7 cmd using the below commands

C:\> setx HTTP_PROXY C:\> set HTTPS_PROXY= 

Now I’m trying to remove it by using the below commands,

set http_proxy= set https_proxy= 

This works only in the current command prompt session, when I open new cmd my old proxy urls are set again, I have to use set http_proxy= again to remove it. How to remove this proxy settings permanently?

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