Recurring 502 Bad Gateway issue

Hoping one of you out there can offer suggestions or at least tell me I’m not alone. Our WP site has had a random 502 Bad Gateway problem for few days now – happens once every few page loads. I’ve been down the server-side troubleshooting list (with help of Bluehost) and the my-side list (disabling all plugins, updating theme, latest PHP..) – everything on the site is up to date, and 2 bad plug-ins were removed.

Some online articles tell me if this happens once every few loads it’s a server-side problem. The hosting company assures me it is a problem with the ‘optimization of website or database’ – whatever that great expanse of possibilities entails.

I’m running out of questions to ask – I just want my site to load each time somebody visits. Can anybody help?

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How can I display recurring Events in CQWP with item type “event”?

I have a CQWP to display a list of upcoming events for the next 2 weeks of every calendar on a site collection. To do so, I use a filter Attribute only available when choosing “event” to be the item type of the CQWP.

Unfortunatly, I don’t see any recurring events in the result apart from the very first appearance of the events.

I did find a TechNet thread, suggesting to use “item” as the item type of the CQWP – but this doesn’t work for me because with this item type I lose the ability to filter by event’s start date.

Is there any other possibilty to show recurring events in a CQWP when using “event” as item type?


Moudhafer’s answer did help me to apply the custom query I need to the CQWP when using the item type “item”. But still, there aren’t any recurring events appearing for more than the very first time in the result. I did make sure to use item type “item” and that the feature “team collaboration lists” is enabled as described in the TechNet thread I mentioned above.

I guess, there must be more to it than that … Any ideas?

Recurring Events: SharePoint Online’s Lists.asmx Service Not Returning Expected Results

I have the following query which returns some of the recurring events but not all. The query is not returning the items in the correct order, nor is it returning the items after today’s date.

How can I modify the query below to return events that occur after today and in ascending order?

<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi='' xmlns:xsd='' xmlns:soap=''>   <soap:Body>     <GetListItems xmlns=''>       <listName>521dx906-1zdc-429d-b4c8-185fafa88029</listName>       <query>         <Query>           <Where>             <And>               <Eq>                 <FieldRef Name="fRecurrence" />                 <Value Type="Boolean">1</Value>               </Eq>               <DateRangesOverlap>                 <FieldRef Name="EventDate" />                 <FieldRef Name="EndDate" />                 <FieldRef Name="RecurrenceID" />                 <Value Type="DateTime">2019-08-16T14:29:03.361Z</Value>               </DateRangesOverlap>             </And>           </Where>         </Query>       </query>       <viewFields>         <ViewFields>           <FieldRef Name="Category" />           <FieldRef Name="Location" />         </ViewFields>       </viewFields>       <queryOptions>         <QueryOptions>           <ViewAttributes Scope="RecursiveAll" />           <RecurrencePatternXMLVersion>v3</RecurrencePatternXMLVersion>           <DateInUtc>TRUE</DateInUtc>           <ExpandRecurrence>TRUE</ExpandRecurrence>         </QueryOptions>       </queryOptions>     </GetListItems>   </soap:Body> </soap:Envelope> 

My calendar contains the recurring “Merchandising Notes Posted!” event on the following days:

  • 8/17
  • 8/24
  • 8/31
  • etc…

enter image description here

However, just two “Merchandising Notes Posted!” events are being returned from the query above, and one’s from last month!

  • 7/27
  • 8/17

enter image description here

Redirect custom recurring payment method to payment gateway after order is placed in Magento 1

I am trying to implement a custom recurring payment module for Magento 1.9.

I follow a tutorial from ModulesGarden Blog combined with Paypal Express.

I was able to create a new payment method that is showing in checkout only for recurring products. If I create only a fake request for testing like in the tutorial, everything it is working well, the orders are created, the profile it is created, I can cancel or suspend the profile from My Account.

The problem is that I don’t know how to redirect on the gateway page after order is placed. Until now I tried to add in my payment model the method getOrderPlaceRedirectUrl() which is called in saveOrder() method, but this doesn’t work because the method looks like this:

public function saveOrder() {     $  this->validate();     $  isNewCustomer = false;     switch ($  this->getCheckoutMethod()) {         case self::METHOD_GUEST:             $  this->_prepareGuestQuote();             break;         case self::METHOD_REGISTER:             $  this->_prepareNewCustomerQuote();             $  isNewCustomer = true;             break;         default:             $  this->_prepareCustomerQuote();             break;     }      $  service = Mage::getModel('sales/service_quote', $  this->getQuote());     $  service->submitAll();      if ($  isNewCustomer) {         try {             $  this->_involveNewCustomer();         } catch (Exception $  e) {             Mage::logException($  e);         }     }      $  this->_checkoutSession->setLastQuoteId($  this->getQuote()->getId())         ->setLastSuccessQuoteId($  this->getQuote()->getId())         ->clearHelperData();      $  order = $  service->getOrder();     if ($  order) {         Mage::dispatchEvent('checkout_type_onepage_save_order_after',             array('order'=>$  order, 'quote'=>$  this->getQuote()));          /**          * a flag to set that there will be redirect to third party after confirmation          * eg: paypal standard ipn          */         $  redirectUrl = $  this->getQuote()->getPayment()->getOrderPlaceRedirectUrl();         /**          * we only want to send to customer about new order when there is no redirect to third party          */         if (!$  redirectUrl && $  order->getCanSendNewEmailFlag()) {             try {                 $  order->queueNewOrderEmail();             } catch (Exception $  e) {                 Mage::logException($  e);             }         }          // add order information to the session         $  this->_checkoutSession->setLastOrderId($  order->getId())             ->setRedirectUrl($  redirectUrl)             ->setLastRealOrderId($  order->getIncrementId());          // as well a billing agreement can be created         $  agreement = $  order->getPayment()->getBillingAgreement();         if ($  agreement) {             $  this->_checkoutSession->setLastBillingAgreementId($  agreement->getId());         }     }      // add recurring profiles information to the session     $  profiles = $  service->getRecurringPaymentProfiles();     if ($  profiles) {         $  ids = array();         foreach ($  profiles as $  profile) {             $  ids[] = $  profile->getId();         }         $  this->_checkoutSession->setLastRecurringProfileIds($  ids);         // TODO: send recurring profile emails     }      Mage::dispatchEvent(         'checkout_submit_all_after',         array('order' => $  order, 'quote' => $  this->getQuote(), 'recurring_profiles' => $  profiles)     );      return $  this; } 

The method is called only if there is an order, but there it isn’t because when we use recurring profiles the order is created later, so only the code inside the if ($ profiles) {} runs and there is no redirectUrl.

Then I tried to use the method getCheckoutRedirectUrl() like it’s used in PayPal Express. Now I am redirected to payment gateway but the problem is that this method is called in savePaymentAction() and that means that I am redirected before the order review step.

Is there a possible to redirect to payment gateway only after the order is placed, somewhere in submitRecurringProfile() method? I don’t want to remove the review order step because the customers need to accept the terms and conditions.

Thank you!

How to create two-week recurring alarms and reminders?

I have many events that recur on two-week time spanned schedules. For example, I have several things that happen based on a two-week period where these things repeat on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Friday… and then starts over.

Here’s a visual example, of what some repeating events could be in a two-week schedule (I left off AM/PM as this is just to give some visual help and doesn’t reflect the precision of a real schedule): enter image description here

It seems that there are a lot of calendars that have the weekly repeating option for days, including the iOS, but I really need to set these times out within a two-week pattern as you can see that keeps repeating forever.

Is there a calendaring mechanism on macOS and iOS that facilitates creating indefinitely recurring alarms and reminders on such two-week rotations?