For the Ring of Shooting Stars, what is the spell save DC of Faerie Fire?

The Ring of Shooting Stars has the following feature:

Faerie Fire. You can expend 1 charge as an action to cast faerie fire from the ring.

Since it does not specifically state that you use your spell save DC or list a spell save DC (unlike its Ball Lightning or Shooting Stars features), what is its spell save DC?

How does Damage Resistance, Damage Reduction, Damage Threshold, and Half-Damage from a Successful Save work together?

This is mostly a theoretical question. Imagine there is some creature that has a variety of different damage-reducing elements built into its stat-block. Lets pretend its a giant-molten-stone-golem, because that at least seems plausible for these bonuses:

  • Fire damage that the golem takes is reduced by 9. (as per wording like the Heavy Armor Master feat)
  • The golem has a Damage Reduction of 12. (typically only objects have DR, but humor me!)
  • The golem has resistance to fire damage.

Now, imagine that the golem just succeeded on its Dexterity Saving Throw against a Fireball. Before any reductions, imagine the fireball is causing 40 incoming fire damage to the golem.

The Question:

How much damage would the golem take, and what are the steps to reduce the damage to this amount?

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Which stat should I use for a given madness save?

I’m running Out of the Abyss, and I can’t figure out whether a given madness save should require a Wisdom or a Charisma save. In chapter 2, it merely says that one of these may be required. The DMG says the same.

Based on what I’ve been able to find online, the consensus seems to be that Wisdom saves are one’s ability to notice they’re being messed with, while Charisma saves are more about repression/subjugation of one’s entire psyche. Given this, it’s understandable why eg the Demogorgon encounter requires a Cha save, but what about if the PCs eg ran into a cursed statue. Would that be Wis since it is not as immediate an assault on the sense of self?

Maybe I just answered my own question, but I would love a second opinion borne from more experience.

Is there a way to save state in burpsuite without logging sensitive fields like password?

At my workplace we are implementing a process so my colleagues can share the burp states of the security assessment of the project.

The issue here is, sometimes we have to use personal account information to check productions issues.

My question is about is there any option provided in burpsuite tool that I can use it to remove such sensitive data in logs before sharing it with anyone?

Can contingent healing spells save you from death from hitting -10 HP?

The SRD says:

Effects of Hit Point

Damage Damage doesn’t slow you down until your current hit points reach 0 or lower. At 0 hit points, you’re disabled.

At from -1 to -9 hit points, you’re dying.

At -10 or lower, you’re dead.

Massive Damage

If you ever sustain a single attack deals 50 points of damage or more and it doesn’t kill you outright, you must make a DC 15 Fortitude save. If this saving throw fails, you die regardless of your current hit points. If you take 50 points of damage or more from multiple attacks, no one of which dealt 50 or more points of damage itself, the massive damage rule does not apply.

What happens if I suffer a lot of damage and pass the saving throw on massive damage, but I have spells that restore my life?

For example, my character has 100 HP. My opponent does 1000 damage to me in one attack but I pass the save on Massive Damage and I have some contingent life recovery spells, such as:

  • Fortunate Fate (Spell Compendium, p. 99) [CL 15]: +150 HP for Heal effect
  • Stalwart Pact (Spell Compendium, p. 204) [CL 14]: +35 Temporary Hit Points
  • Heal Contingence [by Craft Contingent Spell (Complete Arcane, p. 77)] with the trigger “when I’ll become dying”]: +150 HP

Which of the below happens to me?

  1. Spells activate when their condition is called, but all damage must be taken so I end up at -565 HP and still dead
  2. Contingent Heal activates when I am at -9 and I don’t suffer any extra damage preventing me from going at -10
  3. I get at -10 (which kills me) and I don’t suffer any extra damage but Fortunate Fate activates and I’m back at 100 HP
  4. Something else

Better CTAs for ‘Save & exit’ and ‘Save & done’?

I’ve got a bit of a language block for the final stage of a form-filling journey where the user can either

  1. Save what they’ve done, quit and return later
  2. Save what they’ve done and lock it so no further changes can be made.

Save and exit kinda works for 1., but I can’t come up with a suitable unambiguously different label for 2.

Send is the closest, but no sending is involved – this is simply marking the work as ‘complete’ and putting it in a read-only state.

Save & exit and Save & done aren’t sufficiently different to me – anyone got anything better..?

Save post as a draft if term of taxonomy not selected

I have a custom post type with metabox that contains form and few taxonomies in a side panel. Taxonomies are by default checkboxes, and at least one term of each taxonomy must be selected otherwise save post as a draft.

I have solved it but I do not know if this is the right way to do it. Could you please advice?

When I click ‘Publish’ button, function of ‘save_post’ is executed. I grab all data, validate and save it to DB. Among those data I do not have access to taxonomies from side panel only to metabox form fields. So all is saved in DB then inside the same function I grab all taxonomies and terms associated with that post and check if any taxonomy is empty if so update post status to draft. And that works but is this the right way?

As well when I edit post through ‘Quick Edit’ this no longer works. Why?

Spell save DC on a wish spell cast from a magic item

So I got a luck blade from my DM and I am trying to cast dominate person on someone at 8th level. What would the saving throw be for the person it is being cast on. Wish says that any spell at 8th level or lower can be immediately cast and doesn’t state it has to be at its lowest casting form. Would you do the dc 18 of a scroll or is it 10+spell level+ min ability score. This is all in 5th edition and I can’t seem to find anything that deals with this sort of scenario. The dm has allowed it be at 8th level since it a wish spell.