Does a magic item giving +3 to spell save DC break bounded accuracy?

In Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything p.134, there is a magic item: Rhythm Maker’s Drum. It gives bonus to spell attack rolls and spell saving throw DCs of the user depending on rarity: uncommon +1, rare +2, very rare +3.

Even though the same +X for a magic weapon is normal, and some weapons have specfic extra effects, it seems a dodgy for spells, because that is +X for every spell attack roll, with all their different extra effects covered. But then +3 save DC for "save or suck" spell effects, like 1st level Ray of Sickness or 4th level Polymorph, just seems way out there at any character level.

Question: Am I overreacting, is there something I am not seeing? Or is this drum, and any similar item, just something which a balance-concerned DM should not allow anywhere near their table, or maybe limit it to +1 version and making that very rare or something?

Reminder: I’m not asking for opinions. An answer like "it’s fine" or "it’s broken" must be backed up by facts (other items, rules quotes, sage advice…).

What can I ask the PCs to sacrifice to save people (NPCs) from a plague?

DND 5.0 ed

New on 5.0, played the 3.5 edition. Inside my new campagne the PCs are followed by a big plague. They are immune and they have a stone that can save the sick people that, otherwise NPC will die. In some way the plague will follow the PCs so they are, in some way, responsabile of the poeple who get sick. Using the stone they can heal people, but I want they do a moral decision in order to sacrifice some of their life to save people, if they want.

What can I ask the PCs to sacrifice to save people (NPCs) from a plague? The only things that I have in mind is a long curse like -1 to all hit roll for a week or, more strong, heal people will cost some EXP points. (at start only few, but any time they will us ethis power ther spend more exp points)

Do you have better ideas? How can I balance this things?

How much damage does a creature take if critically failing a Reflex Save with Improved Evasion?

Improved Evasion (available on at least Rogues and Swashbucklers) provides

You elude danger to a degree that few can match. Your proficiency rank for Reflex saves increases to legendary. When you roll a critical failure on a Reflex save, you get a failure instead. When you roll a failure on a Reflex save against a damaging effect, you take half damage.

How much damage does such a creature take on a critical failure? Full or half?

If I want to affect a creature with a concentration spell and it succeeds its save, do I notice my concentration failing? [duplicate]

I’m a fairly new DM, and I’ve run into a problem. One of my players tried to cast Modify Memory on a golem. Golems are immune to being charmed, but Modify Memory doesn’t say creatures immune to charm are unaffected. I decided to let the spell through because of narrative reasons. But, we had a discussion.

Modify Memory says:

On a failed save, the target becomes Charmed by you for the Duration.

The spell is a concentration spell for 1 minute. My question is the following: If I had not let the spell circumvent the golem’s immunity to charm, would the caster know that the spell didn’t affect the target, since it requires concentration, but there’s nothing to concentrate on?

Tilemap is sent to back/disappears behind background when I go into play mode or save (video included)

screencap of the problem here

I’m sure this has a simple solution but I haven’t found it answered yet. I have two tilemaps, one a BG and one a middle layer, and everything works when I paint on the middle layer. It shows up on top of the BG.

But if I save the project or open play mode to test it, the middle layer disappears. Seems like it gets sent behind the BG tilemap but the order of the tilemaps hasn’t changed. Also of note is that nothing changes even if I reorder the tilemaps, and the only way I can make the tilemap "reappear" is by ctrl-z undoing my last action. At a loss, any takers?

Trouble with spellcasting classes and their save DCs in Pathfinder

So I’ve played a caster in several Pathfinder games with my friends over the years, but I’ve continued to have the same problem with a lot of them. Namely, because of how save DCs work and how a lot of creatures are stated, it often feels pointless to use most spells on my list because FORT and WILL mods are always so high that I’d have to hope for 1 on the die half of the time. Even DEX saves can be remarkably high on an enemy’s side so my only recourse is touch attacks or spells without DCs and even then I’ve dumped everything into my casting stat to even hope to make my save DC high enough to force a spell through.

The system is very content-dense, but so far I’ve only managed to find some small buffs like Spell Focus feats to bump up DCs. I think Arcanists have some exploits that can help too but I am currently playing a witch and my options feel rather limited. But it seems like there must be other options out there since so many people swear by casters’ abilities and I know that to be true of this system and others, especially as I’ve seen other friends power game other builds. In particular, my friend’s (current GM) previous oracle build was untouchably powerful. Is there just something that I am missing to make my caster viable? Able to land a spell on a creature with decent saves?

How can I separate it with Json decode and save it in PostgreSQL database with PHP?

I want to do web scraping with PHP. There is a json data in the URL, I want to pull this data and save it to the postgreSQL database. This is the code:

<?php  $  ch = curl_init(); $  url = "";  curl_setopt($  ch,CURLOPT_URL, $  url); curl_setopt($  ch,CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);  $  resp = curl_exec($  ch);  if($  e = curl_error($  ch)) {     echo $  e; } else{     $  decoded = json_decode($  resp, true);     print_r($  decoded); }    //your database connection here  $  host = "localhost";  $  user = "postgres";  $  password = "****";  $  dbname = "sok";  // Create connection try{     $  this->linkid = @pg_connect("host=$  this->host port=5432 dbname=$  this->dbname user=$  this->user password=$  this->password");     if (! $  this->linkid)     throw new Exception("Could not connect to PostgreSQL server."); } catch (Exception $  e) {     die($  e->getMessage()); } foreach ($  array_data as $  row) { $  sql = "INSERT INTO il_adi (il) VALUES (decoded)"; $  conn->query($  sql); } $  conn->close();   ?> 

I can view the data I have captured in the array in the terminal. How can I save this to the database?

Use the backbone.js client to save custom post type meta

So I have this small piece of code that renders an array of IDs:

const selected = this.$  data.list.selected; function get_ids(input, field) {     const output = [];     for (let i=0; i < input.length ; ++i)         output.push(input[i][field]);     return output; } const result = get_ids(selected, "id"); 

Now inside my JS, I want to be able to use the backbone.js API that WordPress provides to save it to my employee custom post type as a post meta.

So let’s say that my result output is [343, 3532] – I want to be able to save that array as a "apps" post meta under employees.

I know examples showed that it would be something like const test = new wp.api.models.Employee().fetch and then save, but it sounds super confusing since I don’t have a specific post, and would just like to save the post meta.

Based on these examples, does anyone know how I could do that?

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Will a Contingency/Dimension Door combo save me from breaking a Staff of the Magi?

My wizard has a Staff of the Magi one and is itching to break it over his knee. But he values his life and wants to maximize his chance of survival. If he casts Contingency with Dimension Door – specifying a location far enough away from the blast – there is an argument that the spell goes off before the explosion or possible Plane Shift. How would you rule?