LibreOffice Writer – Load file from command line (CLI) and save it

I noticed that LibreOffice Writer has a good quality: when loading a .docx file, and saving it right away, someone the saved file structure is a bit different than the original file – in a good way – it kinda like solve some .docx structure issues, etc (which allows me later to process it better with Apache POI).

I would like to simply use it to fix .docx files, by loading them and saving them right away – either from the command line, or somehow by invoking the Writer functions directly.

Would appreciate some pointers to the solution.

Cannot figure out how to save this field into database

Me da el siguiente error:

Cannot figure out how to save this field into database. You can consider adding a type converter for it.

Voy a la línea que me marca y tengo esto:

public Ingrediente ingredientesreceta; 

Ingrediente es una clase con sus atributos, y lo que quiero es que los ingredientes de la receta queden almacenados en un objecto de tipo Ingrediente, que ya lo tengo creado.

El código de esta clase es el siguiente:

package com.example.javie.myapplication.Entities;  import; import; import; import;  import java.util.List;  @Entity(tableName = "ingredientes") public class Ingrediente {     @PrimaryKey(autoGenerate = true)     @NonNull     private int idingrediente;     @ColumnInfo(name = "nombreingrediente")     private String nombreingrediente;       public Ingrediente(String nombreingrediente) {         this.nombreingrediente = nombreingrediente;     }      public int getIdingrediente() {         return idingrediente;     }      public void setIdingrediente(int idingrediente) {         this.idingrediente = idingrediente;     }      public String getNombreingrediente() {         return nombreingrediente;     }      public void setNombreingrediente(String nombreingrediente) {         this.nombreingrediente = nombreingrediente;     }  }   } 

Estoy utilizando la librería Room y me salta el Error del título. Perdón si existen errores en cuando a la subida de artículos, es mi segundo post en este foro. Gracias.

Magento 2 How to prevent product save with custom condition using plugin ‘aroundSave’?

I want to prevent to save the product with my custom condition, for that, I want to use the plugin with method ‘aroundSave’,

  • When the user clicks on ‘Save & Duplicate’ button I do not want to save the original product simply duplicate the product. Is the plugin method is correct or I need to override the controller or use catalog_product_save_befor event?

Anyone have any example please share.

for example,

namespace Vendor\Module\Plugin;  class ProductPlugin {         public function aroundSave     (   \Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\ProductInterface $  product,      $  saveOptions = false,      \Closure $  proceed     ){       if (some condition == true)           then save product       else             not save the product     } } 

How can I achieve this functionality?

Google Chrome for macOS: How to bypass “This type of file may harm your computer” and save file automatically

Every time I download a .DMG file using Google Chrome, I have to open the Downloads tab and manually keep it which is super annoying. It shows This type of file may harm your computer message. Is there any way to always keep them?

Previously it can be configured in the settings but it seems there is no such setting in the latest version of Google Chrome.