Is the caster of Zone of Truth aware of the save result?

If I cast this spell, will I be able to tell whether the target saved or not?

The spell level and therefore the DC will be too low so my intention it to use it for negotiations where the target and myself both decide to fail it to make the negotiations more reliable.

In case I can’t be aware of the result (which makes the spell completely useless since everyone can save it), is there some other spell that can be used to reliably prevent lies?

Unity – Save and load “Snapshots” of game for debugging?

I’m relatively new to Unity debugging, and I’ve got an issue that happens every so often about 2 minutes into playing through a scene. If I can do the following, it would save me a lot of time debugging:

  1. Pause the scene
  2. Save the snapshot
  3. Modify some code
  4. Play the snapshot saved in step 2
  5. Repeat 3-4

Is this at all possible with Unity, or should I just modify my code to running "closer" to the point I’m trying to debug?

Does the Psi Warrior’s Psionic Strike ability prompt a second Concentration save?

The new Psi Warrior Fighter subclass has the feature Psionic Power which has the following option:

Psionic Strike. You can propel your weapons with psionic force. Once on each of your turns, immediately after you hit a target within 30 feet of you with an attack and deal damage to it with a weapon, you can expend one Psionic Energy die, rolling it and dealing force damage to the target equal to the number rolled plus your Intelligence modifier.

Based on my earlier question it seems the consensus is that Psionic Strike does not double if the triggering attack is a critical hit.

If Psionic Strike is used on a creature concentrating on a spell does the additional damage prompt a second Constitution save to maintain concentration?

Does a Successful Save vs.Disease protect you until the next day?

So you have a monster that can inflict an Injury Track disease. The PC successfully saves to avoid contracting the disease when he is injured in the first round of combat. If he is injured in the same way by the same creature in the 2nd round, does he need to save again or is he "immune" for the rest of the combat and/or day? I can’t find where the RAW addresses this…

Dex Save Vs Enemy Attack Roll

My party and I were battling a group of orcs and my character turns invisible but doesn’t move. The orc I was facing starts randomly swinging his blades in my general direction. I was in range but my DM made me roll a dex save rather than have the orc make an attack roll. Is this the correct call and for future reference how do you know when a dex save or attack roll should be made?

Evangelist Prestige class and save progression

The Evangelist Prestige class level 2 feature, Aligned Class (Ex) states as follows:

Evangelists come from many different backgrounds, and they show an unusual range of diversity. At 2nd level, the evangelist must choose a class she belonged to before adding the prestige class to be her aligned class. She gains all the class features for this class, essentially adding every evangelist level beyond 1st to her aligned class to determine what class features she gains. She still retains the Hit Dice, base attack bonus, saving throw bonuses, and skill ranks of the prestige class, but gains all other class features of her aligned class as well as those of the evangelist prestige class. (emphasis mine)

I cannot understand one part. Suppose I am a 5th level Bloodrager, and from 6th level onwards I take levels in the Evangelist Prestige class.

Once I get to level 15 (bloodrager 5/evangelist 10) I’d go back to being a Bloodrager for the last 5 character levels.

My problem is, for the first 15 levels I add the save progression of bloodrager (class and character levels 1 through 5) to the one of Evangelist (class levels 1 to 10, character levels 6 to 15). When I level up to 16th level, which level of the bloodrager saves do I add? Do I start counting up from Bloodrager 14 (on account of Aligned Class) or from bloodrager 6 (since I’m not actually gaining bloodrager levels, just the relevant class features)?

Is it safe to use the Windows “Compress directory to save space” feature on the directory that contains my MySQL general log file?

I have changed MySQL 8 on my Windows 10 development machine to write logfiles (general log and slow queries log) to "E:\mysql logfiles". I’d like to compress this directory using the Windows "Compress Directory to save space" advanced feature in the Windows 10 directory properties to save space (currently my logfile is over 50 GB). I’m wondering though: is this a good idea? Or will this break MySQL in (subtle or not) ways?