How to dynamically change number of varnish servers with magento2?

I am wondering how I can dynamically increase and decrease the number of varnish instances for a Magento2 installation as needed – with an aws autoscaling group, for example.

Configuring them from the client side is easy: I can just use a load balancer. But Magento2 also needs to be aware of each instance, and this seems to be a bit more tricky. Updating the configuration file would require an app:config:import, which is a bit of a hassle in a production multi-server environment.

The Magento documentation suggests this command:

magento setup:config:set --http-cache-hosts=, 


Is it an appropriate way to update the varnish servers continuously in an operational / live / production system?

Why did Stuxnet have command and control servers?

I am currently reading Countdown to Zero Day which, amongst other things, describes Stuxnet in lay terms. It states that Stuxnet could report to two command and control servers.

Most basic definitions say command and control servers allow a hacker to communicate with or through the malware that’s phoned home and as such they can do mischief on the infected machine.

If the Natanz facility was the only target of interest and if it was air gapped then you can’t do any of this. Furthermore, Stuxnet was self sufficient in its objective – it didn’t need any further interaction once it had found a suitable target.

Other than being made aware of when the cat is out of the bag, why would a hacker need command and control servers for malware that primarily shouldn’t have ever made it on to the internet?

Are Rack Servers For Me? [on hold]

I have wrote my own server side program and want to setup up servers in the future that will run it. I know I can do this without issues using desktop PCs but what about rack servers?

I have no knowledge on rack servers and was wondering if its a form of server I could use (given the smaller space it takes up) or should I just stick with desktop builds.

I would have to have access to my server’s drive so I can place my server program, which means some form of a monitor. Do rack servers even have a monitor port?

I would only need a standard OS like windows 7 and not windows server or anything. Can a regular windows OS even be installed on a rack server?

Different web servers for Development and Production versions Swift

I am developing an app, which is using a web based database. I would like to separate the server addresses for the development builds and use this development server during the approval process when Apple is checking the App.

Once it is released, it should use the production server.

Could somebody help me where can I find how this can be made?

MSMQ private queue messaging accross servers

I have a hosted server which relies heavily on MSMQ for messaging. Without getting into specifics of the overall system, I now have a private queue which I need it’s content sent to a private queue on another server.

The other server is not on the same physical network, but a plan can be made with a VPN or using public IP addresses.

I could develop my own system for doing this, but it feels like I am reinventing the wheel. I would think MSMQ to MSMQ to be a build in functionality

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Change Of External Static IP – Two Servers Connected

I’ve recently come to manage the IT at a small organisation and am in the process of figuring out their setup (they previously outsourced IT work). They have a main server (running Windows Server 2008 Standard) at one office and a second server (running the same Windows version) at second office in another geographical location. All files are stored on the main server and, from what I can tell, the second one synchronises with it via a mapped network drive. Active Directory is also handled on the main server.

We’re looking to switch ISP at the main office which will mean a change of external static IP address. Can anyone give me some advice about what would need to be done in order to maintain the current connection between the second server and the main one?