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Strange write speed for mdadm RAID0

I have just set up mdadm for RAID0 with two 5400rpm 2.5” HDDs.

By performing a write speed test using dd:

dd if=/dev/zero of=./largefile bs=1M count=3000

I get:

3000+0 records in

3000+0 records out

3145728000 bytes (3.1 GB, 2.9GiB) copied, 0.986443 s, 3.2 GB/s

which obviously doesn’t make sense – tested with copying and opening files, the drive does work all right though.

Anyone knows what’s going on here?

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Ubuntu On Windows Network Speed Capped At 5Mbps

Not sure where to ask this. I’m downloading a 2.8GB file to my Ubuntu environment on my Windows 10 machine. Looking at task manager (and based on the fact that this download is taking AGES) the network speed seems to be capped at 5Mbps. I did a speed test in Windows and I’m pulling 800Mbps down. Does anyone know why this is happening and perhaps a way to fix it? Thanks!

Very slow OS loading speed

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 on my laptop and after i put my login password it always take from 2 to 10 minutes to actually load up to the desktop. I don’t think that’s a normal behavior. How to troubleshoot that and how to fix it? The Laptop had/has FreeDos boot.

How to convert BECMI monster’s speed into modern D&D?

Monster speed in BECMI-like rules systems is written as, for example:

  • Move 90′ (30′)

What is a reasonable way of converting such a movement rate to modern D&D, such as the fifth edition (but 3rd, 4th and Pathfinder are also fine)?

I am not afraid of mental arithmetic. The solution need not replicate current speeds, but rather should, as input, take usual values from monster entries in BECMI (and related OSR rulesets), and as output, give out a speed value that is reasonable in D&D 5, so that fast creatures remain fast and slow remain slow, without giving speeds that are outrageous by standards of D&D 5.

The speed need not be rounded to 5′ increments; that is part of reasonable mental arithmetic, where it even needs to be done, as I do not always play on a grid.