I’m not sure how to answer this and I don’t even know what type of math it is

I’m studying for a finals about probability distribution with Z-table and I got to this part in the example of my lecturer and I have no idea how she arrived to this answer, I’ve been staring at it and scratching my head for a good 30 minutes and still don’t know how she got it.

-2.33 = h-172/8 h = 153.4 

How did she get 153.4?

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Python static type checking and related libraries such as mypy. Do you or your team uses it?

Seeing function annotations and static type syntax introduced into Python3. I was curious to know how many developers using Python has found a need to use static typing style in their project.

If you have, how did it help you or your team?

Medium article giving a quick overview of static type checking in Python3.6 : https://medium.com/@ageitgey/learn-how-to-use-static-type-checking-in-python-3-6-in-10-minutes-12c86d72677b

Looking forward to hear your from you all!

How can we know whats the data type of Data contained in a DataTable?

I want to check the data type of each data of excel data. But when i check the excel data it shows all data as string type.


  //For validating Datatype         public List<string> ValidateDataType(DataRow row, List<DataExchangeDefinition> dataExchangeDefinitionList, List<string> dataColumnList)         {             //var dataColumnString = String.Join(", ", dataColumnList.ToArray());              Dictionary<string, Type> types = new Dictionary<string, Type>();             types.Add("int", typeof(System.Int32));             //types.Add("int", typeof(System.Int64));             types.Add("DateTime", typeof(System.DateTime));             types.Add("decimal", typeof(System.Decimal));             types.Add("float", typeof(System.Double));             types.Add("String", typeof(System.String));               List<string> dataTypeErrorList = new List<string>();             foreach (DataExchangeDefinition dt in dataExchangeDefinitionList)             {                 if (dataColumnList.Any(str => str == dt.FieldName))                 {                     if (!row.IsNull(dt.FieldName))                     {                         var dat = row[dt.FieldName];                         var t = row[dt.FieldName].GetType().Name;                                        var conObj = Convert.ChangeType(dat,types[t]);                          string error = (from e in row.ItemArray                                         where conObj.GetType().Name.Contains(dt.DataType) == false                                         select dt.FieldName).DefaultIfEmpty("").FirstOrDefault();                         if (error != "")                         {                             dataTypeErrorList.Add(error);                         }                     }                                                         }             }              return dataTypeErrorList;         } 

In result im passing it as a list. List contains error column names. The checking is done using Linq

Here is the excel data im imported

This is the data in the datatable. Here i added number 2 instead of a string. But it actually takes as string. But here i want detect as int, otherwise my validation will fail. enter image description here

Unkown encryption type? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How to determine what type of encoding/encryption has been used? 8 answers

200 character long string


How ever there are similarities across the string so it cant be a hash i have been cooking this baby with cyberchef however i cant make heads or tails of this. It cant be an alphabetical because of its numbers and it does not look anything familiar. Its not even rot 13. There are no recognizable features unlike rot and base 64. If anyone can identify this i would appreciate it. Ill keep trying.




Why does my iphone weirdly autocorrect any in-app text field when I type out my email with ‘@@@’?

This is bizarre but it’s been plaguing me for over a year now. Whenever there is an in-app text-field and I type in my email address, the iphone autocorrects my email to ‘@@@’. It appears as a suggestion/hint but I rarely can dismiss it without it actually replacing the email I had just typed with @@@. This started about 18 months ago. It’s driving me batty. It only does it with my email address and only seems to do it in apps – I have noticed it happening in netflix as well as the many Ionic apps I have developed. How do I fix and why does it do that?

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How does the free program identifiers (fpi) extend over constraints and type schemes in HM(X)?

Chapter 10 of Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages; gives a very comprehensive description of type inference by constraints solving.

They introduce the free program indentifiers of an environment $ \Gamma$ with the pair of equations $ fpi(\emptyset) = \emptyset$ and $ fpi(\Gamma;x:\sigma) = fpi(\Gamma) \cup fpi(\sigma)$ .

However, I fail to see when $ fpi(\sigma)$ is not the empty set; unless is the same as the set of free type variables ($ ftv$ ).

Specifically they say (page 408):

The sets of free type variables of a type scheme $ \sigma$ and of a constraint $ C$ , written $ ftv(\sigma)$ and $ ftv(C)$ , respectively, are defined accordingly… The sets of free program identifiers of a type scheme $ \sigma$ and of a constraint $ C$ , written $ fpi(\sigma)$ and $ fpi(C)$ , respectively, are defined accordingly. Note that x if free in $ x \preceq T$ .

The last sentence seems to indicate that type variables are program identifiers.

Are there any other program identifiers? Do predicates (see the constrain syntax) and the name of ground types are program identifiers?

Download any type of document and Print it on button Click

I am trying to download and print any type of document file on download button click. I have SharePoint Custom Form on that form I have one button and file URL at back end. Once the end user click the button the file URL which I have that file should get download and print using jQuery.

Or your suggestions are most welcome.

Please provide the solution.

Thanks in Advance.

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