Are the Material Planes comprising the various campaign settings surrounded by a shared set of outer planes?

I’m working on an extra-planar supplement for DM’s Guild, and it got me wondering:

Is the 5e cosmological model that the material planes are comprised of all DnD settings, official and otherwise (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, and other published or future campaign worlds), surrounded by the outer planes which are common to all of them?

If this is the case, would that mean that the outer planes are comprised of souls from realms other than the players’ native world? Would a party who ventures there meet souls originally from Eberron, Athas, Greyhawk, etc.?

On the other hand, it’s possible I’m confusing my editions, and in 5e each campaign world has its own greater cosmology. In that case, are the outer planes unique to the Forgotten Realms, and does Eberron, for example, have its own set of outer planes?

Collection of online tools and utilities for text, numbers, dates, and various other data types.

Why are you selling this site?

I've build this as a challenge for myself, and accomplished as much. Unfortunately, I'm tight on cash and would like to pass it on to someone else who may want or need it — either for SEO or otherwise. It has great potential in the right hands.

How is it monetized?

It's not. App is brand new and I haven't had the time to do anything yet. No visitors or any revenue yet.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

Yes, Twitter….

Collection of online tools and utilities for text, numbers, dates, and various other data types.

What are various mechanisms for establishing secure channels [closed]

By Wikipedia definition of secure channel is one that protects from overhearing and tampering.

I know we can use certificates to establish a secure channel via TLS/SSL. This is possible if there is access to a CA.

If I don’t have access to a CA what other mechanisms are possible for establishing a secure channel?

Estimating users standard deviation given avg, min, max for various tests

Given a series of tests, where we are given one users score, the overall minimum, the overall maximum, and the overall average, how would I estimate the user’s standard deviation on total score (ie. sum of all their tests)?

We cannot assume that the lowest scoring person from one test was the lowest scoring in the next test, but I think it is fair to assume that people generally stay within some score bands (although if this can be done without that assumption, that would be better).

My intuition tells me that this seems to be some sort of application of Monte Carlo, but I can’t seem to figure out how to actually do this.

Should I put HR system and various business related systems under SSO?

We are building several systems for businesses, like employees schedule management and sharing, customer management and recently we are building HR System. We have put Schedule management and customer/contacts management application under SSO. Is it safe and meaningful to put HR System also under the same SSO system?

Like Mycroft I also received 72 emails from Mailer-Daemon from me to various foreigners. I didn’t send them. Help [closed]

I enlisted company,JustAnswer, to help me with a bad problems with PC. They took my initial $ 1 and sent me a virtual tech expert. He supposedly worked all day to no avail, then disappeared. He accomplished nothing. He also gave himself a 5 star rating. (probably how I got roped in when I googled company.) I gave them a bad rating and asked for money back and to cancel account; people have 6 days. Some mysterious way, my virtual replies disappeared. The next thing I know, I received, on 2 different e-mails addresses, over 72 Mailer-Daemon replies saying I sent many TO: people an e-mail, which I did not. I need help as what to do. They listen to basic info over phone, saying they are recording, blah, blah, blah, and then hang-up. Hopefully, you can see the copied email sample I have below. Andee31

What guidelines (if any) apply to potions of various rarities?

I’d like to give my players’ low-level characters (currently level 2) the odd potion as treasure. The only common potions listed in the DMG are the standard Potion of Healing, and the Potion of Climbing.

How can I tell what are appropriate-level effects for Common potions? Are there any published guidelines? What about for less common potions?

How to remove which hijacks the homepage of various browsers

This has been really getting my nerve. My friend installed some freeware which, in turn, hijacked the homepage of various browsers. The latter include chrome, edge, internet explorer, etc.

Here is the basic information on system hardware and software .

Hardware: Dell XPS13 9360 OS: Microsoft Windows Pro 10.0.18363 Anti-virus installed: Kaspersky 20.0.14 

When the problem first occurred, the homepages of all the browsers were hijacked. I attempted and managed to fix the problem with chrome and edge by googling and trying. In the case of Chrome, I simply brutally removed all the newly added files, then remove the software and reinstall it. In the case of edge, the problem is solved by simply alter the software configuration.

However, the case of ie seems more complicated. From google, I found some thread that discussed the issue. It indicates that the malware hijacked some system dynamic library entries and one needs to restore those carefully. I only followed the most simple approaches, namely, verifying the ie shortcut, resetting the ie configurations, and looking to system register setup for “start page” “homepage” etc. The above approaches do not work.

Althoug Kaspersky did not issue any warning, some google pages point to install certain malware remover. However, some of these, such as SpyHunter, might be potentially a scam themselves. Therefore, I question is

Is there a trustworthy malware remover I should try? or What should I do?

Many thanks in advance!

How do the various DND-5e character sheet apps compare? [closed]

I’m thinking about having my players use apps to keep track of their characters since they’re kind of new. How do the available character sheet apps compare in terms of:

  • Requiring additional source books be purchased in-app
  • Having poor performance or user interface
  • Having bad mobile apps in general
  • Not supporting either iOS or Android
  • Anything else relevant
  • Allowing the DM to view characters sheets