WIfi-Direct not working in rtl8812au drivers

I am using RTL8812AU based chipset USB Wi-Fi Adapter (Like ASUS AC56 , Linksys WUSB6300) in ubuntu (tried in different OS and Kernel version). And I am trying to make use of WI-Fi Direct using wpa_supplicant (P2P Enabled) with user app wpa_cli. In case of Intel Wireless Driver, whenever I do P2P_FIND or any scan command, from wpa_cli, my device is visible in any Wi-Fi Direct supported devices like Android, Windows etc. But in case of Realtek driver (rtl8812au), my device is not visible or listed in Wi-Fi Direct device list, whereas I can get the nearby peers available in my device. As well I am able to connect to any SSID available. So, am I missing something additional setup required for driver to make my device visible to other peer? Any help would be very helpful?

Please note

I have tried every possible driver of rtl8812au available out there for Linux, only after that I am posting this question in seek of a answer.





Thank you,

The “Remove” button is not working

I’m using a “managed file” to upload an image, which works fine, but if you want to remove the image by clicking on the “Remove” button, nothing happens.

 $  form['logo'] = array(     '#type' => 'managed_file',     '#title' => 'Logo',     '#default_value' => variable_get('logo', ''),     '#theme' => 'mymodule_thumb_upload',     '#upload_location' => 'public://my-files/',     '#upload_validators' => array(       'file_validate_extensions' => array('gif png jpg jpeg'),       'file_validate_size' => array(0.3*1024*1024),       'file_validate_image_resolution'=>array('100x100'),     ), ); 

I’m using a custom theme, and I just realized when I switch back to ‘Seven’ the button works. But what could be the problem?

RemoteMouse Not Working!

I am trying to install remote mouse on my ubuntu laptop and I am pretty sure I have completed the installation, however when I try to connect on my phone I get a connection failed message and when I run the mono RemoteMouse.exe it just continues to run in the terminal forever but no lines of code are printed to the terminal.

What is wrong with this code ? Why isn’t it working the way I hoped it would..?

Bear with me guys.. Im new to JavaScript AND StackOverflow…

Here is my problem :

I have created a simple piece of code, with 3 buttons that should change a text (innerHTML) when pressed… but it’s not working.. 🙁

What am I doing wrong ?

I have checked W3Schools for clues.. but no dice..

<head>   <title>JavaScript Table</title>   <style>     body{         text-align: center;         font-family: arial;     }   </style>         <script>             function red(){                 document.getElementById("tekst").innerHTML = "Red";             }             function green(){                 document.getElementById("tekst").innerHTML = "Green";             }             function blue(){                 document.getElementById("tekst").innerHTML = "Blue";             }         </script> </head> <body>         <h2 id="tekst">Color</h2>         <button onsubmit="red()">Red</button>         <button onsubmit="green()">Green</button>         <button onsubmit="blue()">Blue</button>      </body> </html>``` 

Wireless Adapter RTL8821CE Not Working in Ubuntu 19.04

The following is part of the output shown from the “lshw -C network” command. The wireless adapter is seen by the OS but it seems that the drivers are not working. I tried installing the driver but to no avail.

*-network UNCLAIMED description: Network controller product: RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. physical id: 0 bus info: pci@0000:02:00.0 version: 00 width: 64 bits clock: 33MHz capabilities: cap_list configuration: latency=0 resources: ioport:3000(size=256) memory:b1000000-b100ffff

Please, any idea on how to solve this issue in Ubuntu 19.04.I had this same issue while using 18.04 and managed to solve it. But when i just upgraded to 19.04, the issue started but the previous solution seems not to be working this time.

Network manager applet shows ‘not connected’, and one unmanaged Wired connection, internet working

I have no experience configuring network manager by text configs, used only GUI. When moving mouse over NM tray icon there are tooltip “Not connected”, however I see one connection then clicking it – “Wired unmanaged”. Internet working fine.
I make new ethernet connection with priority 10 but it not appear in NM applet menu. plugin menu enter image description here

I have change NM config, as suggested in other questions:

[ifupdown] managed=true 

Question is: how to connect by new created ethernet connection, or at least make “wired” connection managed?
Ubuntu 18.04 cinnamon

Double click not working on secondary monitor – Ubuntu 18.04 in VirtualBox


  • Laptop: Dell XPS 15 9570
  • External Monitor: Acer S277HK
  • Host system: Windows 10, version 1803
  • Virtual Box: 6.0.6
  • Guest system: Ubuntu 18.04


  • Double-click not working on external monitor in guest system (Ubuntu), both for external mouse and touchpad
  • system unusable

Further description of behavior:

  • Single left and right click working on external monitor in guest system
  • It appears that after click respective system button release not triggered
  • Double click working fine in host system
  • Double click working fine in guest system on internal laptop screen

Strategies already tried:

  • Stop all VBox-Guest processes

Any additional help would be highly appreciated.

Category name on product url still working after “Use Categories Path for Product URLs” set to no

“Use Categories Path for Product URLs” set to no on admin panel

But everytime I create a new product, it creates rewrite also for category/product url

So both of them work: example.com/category/product and example.com/product

But I don’t want Magento to create automatically the category inside the product url automatically, does anyone know how to disable it?

Extensions Ubuntu Dock and Ubuntu Appindicators not working after upgrade to 19.04

I was using the Ubuntu Dock and Ubuntu Appindicators with Gnome Desktop without any trouble in previous versions of Ubuntu.

After upgrading to 19.04 it is apparent that I am using a generic dock which has a different look to the Ubuntu Dock which is working on another 19.04 computer. On the Extensions tab of Gnome Tweaks, Ubuntu Dock has a greyed out selector button next to a “!” (warning) icon. The button for Appindicators does not have this and can be toggled on and off, but Appindicators only worked briefly on one occasion when I did this.

There is no Dock tab in Settings.

I also need to add, that since this upgrade I have to launch the Desktop via the startx command in tty, but this is not a major concern for me (details in an earlier post).

I attempted to install ubuntu-dock again with both apt and Gnome Software but neither application could locate its package.

Is there a way to get these extensions working again?

Connection timed out and lock_may_be_available() on working site

I’m hoping someone can point me to a fix. My drupal 7 app was running fine locally this a.m. while I was testing a way to insert a row using mysql tools for a non-Drupal function. My environment is Apache running virtual host on php 5.4.34 on a Ubuntu VM.

After not getting satisfaction using the mysql functions, I started a simple PDO function using Drupal’s database settings from the settings.php file. I was able to insert a row successfully but when I returned to the local site I got this error after a long time:

drupal_log_error(Array ([%type] => PDOException,[!message] => SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection timed out,[%function] => lock_may_be_available(),[%file] => /media/psf/Home/apps/habitatnashville/includes/lock.inc,[%line] => 167, etc  [%type] => PDOException     [!message] => SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection timed out     [%function] => lock_may_be_available()     [%file] => /media/psf/Home/apps/habitatnashville/includes/lock.inc     [%line] => 167     [severity_level] => 3 

I’ve looked here and on Drupal’s site. Because it’s a connection error the likely suspects are that I’ve munged the credentials somehow.

When something like this happened months ago, I did a service mysql restart, did that again a few minutes ago, rebooted the ubuntu VM and rebooted entire computer to shake that lock.

I’ve removed that test file with the PDO just in case. Here’s the output of my drush status:

Drupal version                  :  7.27                                          Site URI                        :  http://default                                Database driver                 :  mysql                                         Database username               :  admin                                  Database name                   :  my_db                               Database                        :  Connected                                     Drupal bootstrap                :  Successful                                    Drupal user                     :  Anonymous                                     Default theme                   :  My_theme                                      Administration theme            :  rubik                                         PHP executable                  :  /home/sam/.phpbrew/php/php-5.4.34/bin/php     PHP configuration               :  /home/sam/.phpbrew/php/php-5.4.34/etc/php.i                                      ni                                            PHP OS                          :  Linux                                         Drush version                   :  6.2.0  

My database is running as “service mysql status” => mysql: start/running, process 1291. What else could be affecting this?