Ubuntu 19.04 .desktop files not working correctly

I used to be able to copy and paste the .desktop files from use/share/applications to my desktop for shortcuts. When I first upgraded to 19.04, I selected the allow launching option on the right click context menu and they worked fine.

However, on one of the most recent updates, my shortcuts got deleted. When trying to add them and selecting allow launching, the shortcut will work but the icon will not change to the correct application and if I log out and back in again, the .desktop files are back to being opened in my text editor.

Is it possible to add .desktop files to the desktop and have them permanently launch-able again with the correct icons displaying as they used to before?

Make working properly metisMenu in vue app

I want to use SB Admin 2 template from https://github.com/dpwilhelmsen/sb-admin-2-bootstrap-4
In my Laravel 5.7 / Vuejs 2.6 / Vuex 3.1/ Bootstrap 4.3 app and I take some steps for it :
As it is based in metismenu In console I run next commands :

npm install --save metismenu npm i popper npm audit fix
Code (markup):

In resources/js/app.js I included metismenu:

require('./bootstrap'); //require('popper'); /* If to uncomment line above in console I got lot of errors :...
Code (JavaScript):

Make working properly metisMenu in vue app

Task Scheduler trigger expire isn’t working

The task is setup through GPO as a immediate task. It ends in less than 30 seconds and it should delete itself. Seems to be affecting only Windows servers 2016. It deletes itself on Windows server 2008 R2. Any suggestions on how to debug why it isn’t deleting?

It looks like Task scheduler ID becomes 00000. During the Task Completed it has a unique ID.

Task Scheduler successfully finished “{058c45b6-e31c-401a-b70e-2a90a2c9c110}” instance of the “\task_name” task for user “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”.

Task scheduler screenshot

Keyboard shortcut for a service stopped working

I have made a custom keyboard shortcut for Finder that runs a script that copies the full file path to the clipboard. The shortcut is Control + Alt + Command + C.

It has always worked, but today it suddenly stopped working. I tried sniffing for any program that activates when the shortcut is pressed using /usr/bin/sudo opensnoop in Terminal but to no success. I have not recently installed any new programs.

How do I get my shortcut back?

USB keyboard’s multimedia buttons not working

I have recently switched from Windows 8.1 to Ubuntu 19.04. On windows both (laptop’s keyboard and USB keyboard) worked perfectly. Now, my laptop’s keyboard is still working as it is supposed to, but not a single multimedia button works on my USB keyboard. Tried different methods that I found here and on other sites, nothing seems to be working. I’ve read similiar issues, but I believe it is a different setup. It is really driving me crazy.

Lenovo G50-70 USB keyboard is Trust, no driver is available… (was not needed on windows)

I’d appreciate any suggestions!

getting ocrmypdf and pdfminer working together

I’m trying to get OCRmyPDF working on the Mac.

The first part was easy:

brew install ocrmypdf

but when I tried to do

ocrmypdf --redo-ocr input.pdf output.pdf

I get this error:

“ERROR – (pdfminer is required for this feature. Your distribution may not have installed it.)”

I have tried pip install pdfminer and pip install pdfminer.six but neither of those have done anything to make the error go away.

I don’t really use python/pip all that often, so I’m not sure what else to do.

Nginx proxy header variable not working

I’m trying to setup a load balancer with nginx.

The problem i’m having for some reason the variable $ host not working for me when i try to use proxy_set_header

When i tried to go to http://proxy.domain.com give me an 404 error, when i check logs give me this.

server: proxy.domain.com, request: "GET / HTTP/1.0", upstream: "", host: "proxy.domain.com" 

The IP is the real IP of ss.domain.com if fine here but why give me this instead of my domain name, because of that give me error 404 and not looking right vhost.

I configured my proxy settings like this:

upstream s3 {     server ss.domain.com weight=2;     server vv.domain.com; } 
server {     listen 80;     listen [::]:80;     server_name proxy.domain.com;     root /var/www/proxy.domain.com/html;      location / {         proxy_pass http://s3;         proxy_set_header    Host               $  host;         proxy_set_header    X-Real-IP          $  remote_addr;         proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-For    $  proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;         proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-Host   $  host;         proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-Server $  host;         proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-Port   $  server_port;         proxy_set_header    X-Forwarded-Proto  $  scheme;     } }    

Huawei mobile WIfi not working on Xubuntu Xenial

I have a problem that I don’t have internet on Xubuntu Xenail using the device Huawei Mobile Wifi (e5220), it’s a USB hotspot device, it conects to 3G+ bands for internet all on its own, and acts as a router that wifi devices can connect to. On windows and puppy linux it works just fine, from what I understand it uses the ethernet protocol through USB, so on windows it shows up as if it were another ehternet connection, but on Puppy Linux it’s seen as wwan0, in either case, it works when it dials itself, not when I have to specify APN or any of that like a regular broadband dongle.

I’ve gotten it to detect it as a broadband adapter on Xubuntu, so I can see the proper ISP name and signal strength, but try as I might, if I add a connection, it doesn’t finish connecting to it, and of course no internet.

Here’s the info from the script:


internet connection stopped working, but wifi connection looks fine (ubuntu 18.04.2)

I see many other posts with the same issue but cannot find any solution nor explanation and keep clicking on links endlessly so I would appreciate some guidance on this issue, rather than “just trying” to “Forget the connection” and setting it up again.

What I have tried:

Connection to my home wifi seems fine: Settings > Wifi shows my wifi and the signal strength is “good”, an IPv4 Address of, and other normal-looking information.

Typing into my browser opens the “Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page”.

Typing into my browser opens up a page with my router configuration.

Result of dig

; <<>> DiG 9.11.3-1ubuntu1.8-Ubuntu <<>>   ;; global connections: +cmd ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached 

Result of ip route

default via dev wlp3s0 proto dhcp metric 600 dev wlp3s0 scope link metric 1000 dev wlp3s0 proto kernel scope link src metric 600 

Result of ping

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted 

Result of ping example.com:

ping: example.com: Name or service not known 

Running nmcli dev show wlp3s0 spits a bunch of things, but I don’t know what to look for.

I did reboot my computer, with no change.

Note. I do have the ip command on my system (which should be enough for diagnostics), but I do not have any of the following commands that I see in other answers: ifconfig, netstats, route, arp, traceroute (which all seem deprecated?).