Ubuntu 18.04: Duplex Long Edge printing mode selected but not working

If i choose to print a document (pdf, txt) with more than one page with Duplex “Long Edge” enable with Evince, Gedit, … on Ubuntu 18.04.x, it still print with Duplex Off.

It was working with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and i also tested on Ubuntu 19.04 and it’s works. So the problem is on 18.04 LTS.

We use a remote printer on a Ubuntu print server 19.04.

It’s like the file sent by Ubuntu 18.04 to print server are not interpreted correctly by the print server..

Any help would be appreciated, i don’t know if the problem is with ubuntu, cups, poppler, … Thanks!


Filetype: PDF
Neither PDF renderer command line nor Ghostscript-based renderer command line found
Driver does not understand PDF input, converting to PostScript
Storing temporary files in /var/spool/cups/tmp
Starting process \”pdf-to-ps\” (generation 1)
Printer make and model: NRG MP 2352 PS3

Running command line for pstops: pstops 44555 john testfile.pdf 1 \’ cups-browsed cups-browsed-dest-printer=37\ xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:631/MP-2352\ Duplex=DuplexNoTumble finishings=0 InputSlot=Auto job-uuid=urn:uuid:8023a1dd-8f1f-3e58-58b2-eb77f271e0d5 JobType=Normal MediaType=Auto OutputBin=Default PageSize=A4 Password=None print-quality=0 StapleLocation=None UserCode=None pdftops-max-image-resolution=300 pdftops-renderer=pdftops job-originating-host-name=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx date-time-at-creation= date-time-at-processing= time-at-creation=1566373945 time-at-processing=1566373945\’

Found: %%BeginFeature: *Duplex None
Option: Duplex=None
Setting option
Found: %% FoomaticRIPOptionSetting: Duplex=None
Option: Duplex=None
Setting option


Laptop internal mic and input via headphones mic is not working in Ubuntu 18.04

I have HP ProBook 4431s. My laptop internal mic doesn’t work. Even if I try use headphones and use it’s mic, I only hear noise but no sound is recorded. Input setting shows no indication when I speak into both microphones. I have tested the above mentioned things on Windows 10 to check if it’s a hardware issue but it works fine.

SharePoint search is not working

I have enabled the SharePoint search to search the content in SharePoint site, library or list. It was working fine up to few months.

But now it is not working. The continuous and full crawl is running fine. But when I am searching the items in the list or library, then it is not get work.

Searchable checkbox is already checked there.

Is there any idea what issues occurred there?

Localhost intercept not working for burp suite

I configured my Firefox proxy to send my php website traffic running on localhost to burp suite for intercept but its not intercepting anything.My firefox and burpsuite configurations here.I’ve tried using different port other than 8080,went to about:config and enable localhost hijacking but still it wont work.Days ago it was working fine but now its not.

Ubuntu default terminal not working

I have the new Ubuntu 19.04, I tried writing some alias and it’s my first time however the aliases did not work so i cleared them, I think in the process I might have tempered with the .bashrc file, so on trying my terminal after that point it comes up and goes off, in a couple of milliseconds, downloaded powershell and works fine however I’m not comfortable with it. Any way to fix the .bashrc file without having to reinstall the OS?

Why $wpdb->insert and $wpdb->update not working server but it is working in localhost?

I am working in a wordpress site, I started to work in local enviroment using xampp server.

I used wpdb to do operations with the database like this:

global $  wpdb;     $  name = $  wpdb->get_results("SELECT meta_value FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_key = 'first_name' AND user_id = ".$  user." ");      $  wpdb->update(      'wp_usermeta',      array(          'meta_value' => $  v1      ),      array( 'user_id' => $  user, 'meta_key' => 'first_name'  ),      array(          '%s'     ),      array( '%d', '%s')    ); 

In local enviroments works perfectly but when I migrated the project to an amazon instance, Ubuntu server using nginx and all the operations using $ wpdb are not working.

I cant update, I cant insert.

I dont know why.

Any clue?

Xfce, applet indicator-cpufreq, not working when set to Powersafe from Performance


Linux local 5.0.0-23-lowlatency #24-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 29 16:17:02 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux xfce4-panel 4.13.4 (Xfce 4.12) 


I am using indicator-cpufreq applet. Everything is ok, switching from Powersafe to Performance and back is ok, but sometimes switch from Performance to Powersafe don’t work, when I am using Performance for a long time. I checked it via lscpu.

CPU MHz:             3500.181 CPU max MHz:         3500,0000 CPU min MHz:         400,0000 

Only restart helped.

Where is the catch? How can I switch to Powersafe mode from terminal?